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"AITA telling a guy 'the street's there, go sleep in it' after he whined about sharing a bed.'

"AITA telling a guy 'the street's there, go sleep in it' after he whined about sharing a bed.'


Beggars can't be choosers, and choosy beggars, well - they're bound to get shamed on the internet.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he went too far when he told off his friend's brother for whining about sharing a bed. He wrote:

"AITA telling a guy 'The streets there, you can go sleep in it' after they b#$ched about sharing a bed with me and then made him sleep on the floor."

My sister (24f) and I (24m) live together, we are pretty social people and run in the same friend group so we normally have a lot of our friends at our house whenever we can. This particular night we were having a "girls night" (I'm one of them gays™, so of course I'm invited to every girls night).

One of the girls (24f) ended up bringing her brother (20m) because she was going to be driving him somewhere in the morning. It works out since instead of a dining room and living room we have 2 living rooms at each end of the house so we could have our privacy and he can do his own thing. At the end of the night we worked out the sleeping arrangements.

We have a couch in each living room so two of the girls claimed those like they usually do, one of the girls shared with my sister and one was going to share with me. We got a blow up mattress out for the brother. Apparently that wasn't good enough since he has a bad back and wanted a bed instead.

The girl sharing with me being the sweetheart she is, offered up her spot in my bed and she'd sleep on the mattress. He did not like that idea and started b#$ching about how he's not going to share a bed with a gay guy and "what if he tries something" (oh sweetie you flatter yourself, definitely not my type).

He suggested he share with my sister and that was a BIG no from her so he had more of a b#$ch about how bad he's back is and Yada Yada Yada, eventually I just opened up the front door and said "the street's there, you can go sleep in it instead". He ended up sleeping on the floor because I took the blow up mattress away. (Me and my sister personally think he was fishing to share a bed with her)

I've gotten quite a bit of backlash from the girl who's brother it is ,and her friends (nothing from the other girls there) so AITA?

The internet was fully in OP's corner.

procrastinating_b wrote:

‘I can’t share a bed with a gay guy incase he tries something’

‘I can share a bed with the gender I’m attached to and you can trust me to share a bed with then.

yuuheiperadoo wrote:

NTA. You offered up your bed and everyone was willing to compromise, but the guy had to make it a big deal because he didn't want to sleep with a gay guy? He can go sleep on the streets then. His loss for not taking the blow up mattress option.

OP responded:

In my experience people who make a big deal of it are insecure af about their masculinity or s*xuality or something. The straightest and most secure guys I know would of hopped in the same bed with me without a second thought (and have), they'd just see an opportunity to sleep in a bed.

gto_112_112 wrote:

Homophobes don't get beds, f**k that guy.

Should have turned it around on him though. When he suggested sleeping with your sister you just drop the, "ewww, no, what if he tries something?" Exact same phrasing he used on you. NTA.

OP responded:

I luckily didn't have to, my sister basically said the same sh*t to him in a back handed way lol.

Cannabis_CatSlave wrote:


He was a choosey beggar and got to sleep on the floor as he deserved.

I hope this dude is no longer welcome for future gatherings.

OP responded:

Yeah he's absolutely not welcome back along with his sister.

imAllergic2Bees wrote:

NTA. “What if he tries something” is projecting. I had a bad back in my early 20s (herniated disc), so the surface I slept on was very important. That said, if it was a legitimate medical issue, he could have planned ahead or it would have taken priority over who else was in the bed.

I’m not saying he was definitely trying to get with your sister, but if he wasn’t, why couldn’t he share a bed with his own sister? It’s weird that there were multiple options for platonic sleeping arrangements but he was trying to use his back as an excuse to get the only arrangement he wanted.

RugbyLock wrote:

NTA. Blow up mattress is more than reasonable, he wanted an excuse to share a bed with a woman. You responded absolutely correctly, and I’d have kicked him out after he suggested sleeping in the bed with your sister.

JeepersCreepers74 wrote:

"Me and my sister personally think he was fishing to share a bed with her."

Bingo. There were so many possible sleeping arrangements in this scenario that it was beginning to read like a math problem. But somehow he's got an issue with all of them but one. NTA.

Clearly, OP is in now way TA in this situation.

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