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'AITA for Venmo requesting my SIL for the hours I had to miss at work?'

'AITA for Venmo requesting my SIL for the hours I had to miss at work?'


Here's a conundrum from a mom who's been having a pretty rough few years. Her husband passed away, and she relies on her sister-in-law to help out with her son while she's working long hours. On Reddit's 'Am I the A**hole,' she asks if she's in the wrong for reacting to her family member's non-emergency cancelation. She writes:

'AITA for Venmo requesting my SIL for the hours I had to miss at work?'

My (35F) husband passed away a few years ago in an accident so now it's just me and my son (7). My husband was the main breadwinner so it has been rough. I work until 8 and my son gets out of school at 3. My SIL doesn't work, her husband owns a very successful business and she 'helps out.'

SIL picks my son up from school and brings him to her house to hang out/do homework until I can pick him up. On Wednesday she called me while I was already at work to tell me her and her husband got last minute concert tickets so she wouldn't be able to pick him up from school.

I was pissed — it would be one thing if I knew in advanced and could make other arrangements, but she just sprung it on me.

I asked her to reconsider, and reminded her that she made this commitment and it would be really sh*tty to break it. She still went to the concert. I had to leave work 6 hours early and lost out on all those hours. I figured since she put me in this spot, she should have to recoup me my income — it's the only thing me and my son survive on.

I sent her a Venmo request for the amount I lost out on. I got a nasty text from her a few minutes later about how she is not paying it.

I had to send my son home with one of his friend yesterday and today because she wouldn't pick him up.

I told some of my friends and they are 50/50 on if I should have done it, but I need that income and she made a commitment to me and my son.

I think that is more important then going to a concert to get drunk.

Here's what the commenters thought of her story — and her attitude in general.

From Wynfleue:

Assuming this is 5 days a week, SIL is volunteering 30 hours a week of her time to childcare and OP is referring to it as 'helping out' ... Sure, it sucks that she canceled last minute, but OP shot herself in the foot here because now she's going to need to pay someone for those 30 hours of childcare.

From LeatherHog

Yup. OP's bout to learn how much that hand she bit is gonna cost

From Hello_JustSayin:

'had to send my son home with one of his friend yesterday and today because she wont pick him up.'

OP had it to good with her SIL watching her kid for free, but it sounds like her gravy train has ended. And it is 100% her fault.

OP, YTA. Your SIL was doing you a HUGE favor. Your kid is not her responsibility, and the fact that you are trying to charge HER for not giving up her life to watch your KID one night was...I can't even think of the right word do convey how stupid it was.

From AndSoItGoes24:

House Keeper, Governess, Ladies Maid, Cook, Washer Woman and Scullery Maid are all paid positions in the Manor House.

From HammerOn57

Everyone sucks here. The last-minute change of plans by her and your brother was a sucky thing to do.

You responding with the venmo request has to be one of the worst, most entitled actions I've read here in a hot minute.

Life is difficult, I understand that and I'm sorry to hear about your husband. But you really messed up here.

From Intrepid_Potential60:

While I understand the frustration, I do need to point out that you were able to suddenly make other arrangements the next day (go to a friends house since she refused to pick him up after your Venmo stunt).

ESH. She was a jerk for the last minute notice. You decided to play “hold my beer, I can be dumber” with the Venmo stunt.

Personally, I think it's a genius move — go through your life adding up the value of every percieved slight and sending Venmo requests to the offender. Not a bad business.

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