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Woman asks if she's wrong for breastfeeding her nephew.

Woman asks if she's wrong for breastfeeding her nephew.


Breastfeeding is a great way to nourish and bond with your baby, but would it ever be ok to breastfeed someone else's child?

Reddit user u/areyewokay says yes. She is currently breastfeeding her nephew while her sister is unconscious in the hospital. Some family members are ok with it, but one of the baby's grandmothers has straight up called what she's doing 'demonic.'

Now, this aunt is asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for breastfeeding my nephew?'

She writes:

My (29F) sister (25F) gave birth a week ago, but unfortunately due to complications during birth, she has been in the hospital unconscious and is yet to formally meet her baby.

My husband (her doctor) has been using some of the breast milk that I pump to feed the baby until the mom wakes up to decide whether she would like to continue breastfeeding the baby herself or to go a different route.

My brother-in-law (34M) is one of my best friends, and we decided that he should move in temporarily so my husband and I could help with the baby because he has been so stressed about his wife lying in hospital and also having a newborn.

Pumping has been rather difficult because I also have to breastfeed my own kids (twin 11-month-olds) and I thought it better to just feed my nephew directly from the breast as well because it saves me both time and pain.

My husband and BIL didn't contest and thought it the best solution. However, his mom (sisters MIL) came to visit to see the baby earlier today, saw me breastfeeding him and she immediately blew up calling me vile names, saying I was disgusting and this was inhumane.

My brother-in-law was in the next room and came in once he heard the yelling. He immediately defended me and told his mom that what I was doing was simply feeding the baby and literally keeping him alive, but she would hear none of it and literally spat on the floor saying what I'm doing is demonic.

My BIL got her out of the house and basically told her that she would not be allowed around the baby until she apologized for her outburst.

I now can't seem to get it out of my mind that maybe what I'm doing is wrong and I might have been TA for even suggesting that I breastfeed my nephew?

It sounds strange at first, but it seems to me like this aunt is simply trying to help out and do what's best for her baby nephew while her sister is unconscious and in the hospital. The baby's father is fine with it, so it doesn't really matter what the mother-in-law thinks, does it?

Reddit users were all in agreement that this aunt is 'Not The A**hole' for breastfeeding her nephew. Hopefully, the baby's mom recovers soon and can enjoy life with her new baby boy.


NTA. Your BIL - the baby's damn father - gets to make this determination in this situation. I hope your sister makes a speedy and healthy recovery.


NTA … you’re a different kind of A… Actually you and your husband BOTH are ANGELS for coming to the rescue despite having your hands full (twins, no less).

BIL did the right thing, showing his mom the door and trying to teach her how to behave like a human.


NTA. Wet nurses have been a thing since before we were all born.


NTA. You're just being a wet nurse, which 90% of the world's monarchs throughout history had. It's an ancient practice that ultimately benefits the baby.


First of all, if the father of the child is okay with it then that’s all you should care about. MIL is nuts, don’t listen to her. NTA. I hope your sister is able to wake up and meet her new baby soon. I’m so sorry for everything all of you are going through.


It's not just the food either. She's giving the baby warmth and security and routine. He will know how to latch and feed and will probably be past the awful cluster feeding stages of the early newborn days. This situation is normal, happy and 100% in the best interest of the child. MIL is being ridiculous and needs to get a grip. NTA


NTA. You are doing the right thing in this tragic situation. The MIL is nuts. Don't let her get into your head.


NTA, but I do feel like you need to prepare for the fact that your sister might not feel good about it when she wakes up, for a lot of moms breastfeeding is very personal, and I'm not saying you're doing a bad thing but she might react badly to the news


NTA The only opinions that matter here are yours and the parents' (in this case, the one parent who's conscious, your BIL). You're doing a beautiful thing for your nephew, and I'm glad your BIL defended you against his mom's verbal assault. Don't give her and her opinions a second thought. She literally doesn't matter!

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