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Woman takes in brother's family; brother insists service dog leave during their stay.

Woman takes in brother's family; brother insists service dog leave during their stay.


AITA for refusing to move my husband's service dog out of the house because my niece is uncomfortable?

My husband is disabled (won't expand on that for privacy) we got him a service dog 4 months ago to help him on a daily basis. My brother and his family lost their home and asked to move in with us for few weeks til they find another place to stay.

Thing is, my niece (14) started complaining about the service dog making her 'uncomfortable' it's strange, no allergies no nothing but she's just uncomfortable. She told my brother and he asked if I could move the dog.

I said absolutely not. This dog is literally as helpful as a human being when it comes to people with disabilities, and he's incredibly smart and more IMPORTANTLY, he minds his own business and never bothers my niece but she's 'just uncomfortable' with him for some reason!

My brother and his wife started begging saying it's temporary but I refused. They said that my husband doesn't really need the dog much as of now since he's home most of the time, yet I still refused. They tried talking to my husband directly, but I shut that down immediately.

My brother's wife started an argument with me right after my brother went to work and she started yelling about how I value a dog over my niece and her comfort. I said it wasn't just the dog, but it's my husband who needs him. My brother came home and we kept arguing.

He said that I was being unsupportive and cruel to my niece who's already been through enough, My husband got involved and asked me to take him to his father's house with the dog but I said no, not after what his dad said to him and that him AND the dog are staying.

My brother and his wife are in the guests room sulking hard while my niece is ignoring me. Meanwhile, My husband is sitting in the kitchen now trying to convince me to let him go stay with his dad's to keep the peace with my brother.

This man (my husband) is like this all the time!!! always willing to do what others want just to 'keep the peace'. You can literally cuss him out and he'll apologize to you like it was his fault!!! He thinks he owes people for accepting him as a disabled man which's sad.

And, It's true he's home most of the time but, he still needs his service dog throughout the day.

Amitheasshole for refusing to move the dog temporarily? My niece is upset with me.


The reason I refused to let my husband go stay with his dad is because of what he said to him the last he was there.

He basically called him useless and a failure. Also told him he was good for nothing because he couldn't get mr pregnant but that's an infertility issue we've been dealing with for years. It's too late now to have kids (me 34, him 37) but we still do not appreciate these type of comments. From his dad of all people. It's sad.


cl-now says:

Don't temporarily move your dog. Permanently move your brother and his family. They can find somewhere their daughter will feel comfortable. NTA.

StonewallBrigade21 says:

Your brother and his family are incredibly entitled after you gave them a place to live.

Practical_Place6522 says:

As a person who is afraid of larger dogs (got bitten by an Alsatian at a young age) I can sympathise with the niece

Having said that you’re in an impossible situation to help both your husband and be supportive of your niece (your reaction of “just uncomfortable” rankles me a little because larger dogs (assuming that is the case) can be scary.

Either way, NTA

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