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AITA for not letting my brother's girlfriend get a special pizza for movie night?

AITA for not letting my brother's girlfriend get a special pizza for movie night?


My Brother brings over his girlfriend to a pizza and movie night. I get the $10 Costco pizza for everyone. The only toppings they have is pepperoni or cheese. I get one of each. We also have some wine in a can, coke and bottled water. Other than that it’s a byob or wine.

The girlfriend gets there and acts like the pizza is disgusting and asks if we can order anything else. I said no. She asked my brother to go get her this pizza she likes (a medium cost $24). I told my brother if he goes to take her with you and you are not coming back with a special pizza just for her.

She makes him leave before 10 minutes into the movie because she was offended that we didn’t go out of our way to make her welcome. My brother has been calling me all sorts of names and calling me cheap.

I don’t think it was my responsibility to cater to one person at the party and it’s rude to get a pizza just for yourself. He called me trashy and I said the only trashy one at the party was his girlfriend and not to bring her around again until she learns some manners.


Birbinspace asks:

INFO: did she want a more expensive pizza because she doesn’t like the one you got, or does she have dietary restrictions that you’re choosing to question the validity of?

Im wondering if the $24 pizza is a gluten free one, as a ready made gf pizza often comes in only one size, is hard to find in a place that considers and avoids cross contamination (dominos for example is not safe for people with celiac or allergies) and it can often be expensive and a bit of a drive.

PizzaPartyNope OP:

“She likes only sausage with peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives. The pizza was too plain for her” this was from someone who asked the same question.

AugustNClementine asks:

INFO - Do you and your brother live in the same home?

PizzaPartyNope OP:


throwaway378495 asks:

INFO 'I told my brother if he goes to take her with you and you are not coming back with special pizza just for her.'

I’m going to give you a very generous benefit of the doubt and assume you have a logical, rational, reasonable explanation for this. Can you provide one?

PizzaPartyNope OP:

It would have put the movie behind at least 30 minutes and some of the guests had to work the next day early.

drewmana says:

You provided options but specifically say guests can bring their own stuff if they want other options. Why make this an issue? She can call for delivery if timing is the issue, but you made it clear the issue was about her having pizza she liked. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

PizzaPartyNope OP:

I will say the place she wanted didn’t have delivery and she wanted me or my brother to pick it up for her. Stopping the movie and putting everything behind at least a half hour. I would have had no problem if she had initially brought the pizza herself.

lilwildjess says:

Info: were there other people there?

PizzaPartyNope OP:

about 10 other people. My wife also made stove top popcorn.

PuzzleheadedBet8041 says:

You served two frozen pizzas to 10 people???? even being generous by saying you can make 8 average sized slices, those pizzas are wimpy imo and i doubt all the (presumably) adult people there would be satisfied

PizzaPartyNope OP:

They aren’t frozen you buy them at the Costco food court.

JustUgh2323 says:

Was she getting a pizza big enough to share with other guests or only for her & your brother?

PizzaPartyNope OP

From what I understood it was for her only

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