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Childfree woman fed up after cousin berates her for spending 9K on vacation.

Childfree woman fed up after cousin berates her for spending 9K on vacation.


The r/childfree forum on Reddit is a place for those who have chosen, proudly, not to have children. The culture on the community can be jarring for those who aren't used to it (for instance, it's common in the community to refer to those with children as 'breeders').

But it's a great place for those who feel constantly pressured to have children to vent and, yes, even brag a little about the advantages of a childfree lifestyle.

The following is one of the most popular posts ever on r/childfree. It brings up an interesting discussion over boundaries, entitlement, and all matters family.

On the forum, one woman vented that she 'spent 9K on a vacation and her breeder cousin called her disgusting.' She wrote:

I spent a lot of money on an all inclusive luxury 10 day vacation to Grenada. We have a small villa with a butler, a private pool and hot tub. It’s for my husband’s 28th birthday and I spent over a year waiting for it and we leave in two weeks.

Anyway, my breeder cousin (26f like me, with 2 kids by her loser high-school boyfriend) called me “absolutely disgusting spending that much on a trip” and “you’ve changed since the book and movie deals... you’re not the girl I used to know.”

It almost seems like the cousin is upset that OP didn't spend her own money to help feed her nieces and nephews.

Mind you I only told her this because she asked me to watch her kids and I told her I’d be out of town. She asked where and I told her, then SHE asked how much that would cost and freaked when I told her. She said she could feed her kids for months with that kind of money.

I told her I understand that but I made the decision not to have kids and to save my money wisely on a daily basis so I can afford to take extremely nice vacations twice a year.

OP doesn't make it a habit to brag, but that's what this forum's for.

I’m so tired of no one in my family being happy for me. Ever. Even though I don’t brag. They all have more kids than they can afford and little to no disposable income as a result, even the high earning ones.

So please childfree let me brag for just once.

I bought myself a 4 bedroom new construction home, with no help from anyone. And I’m going to Jamaica in Jan for 2 weeks and am dropping 14k on that. So I guess I’m going straight to hell 🤷🏽‍♀️

No one is happy for you when you’re 26, high earning, happily in love and child free. 🙁

You can't blame anyone for getting jealous — that's going to be an incredible vacation. Especially without any kids to worry about.

This is a community that supports their own. 'No one is happy for you when you’re 26, high earning, happily in love and child free,' wrote a user named Throwawayamanager. 'They're still not happy for you when you're 33, high earning, happily in love and child free.'

Of course, it's not just the wealthy who post on the forum. 'I’m 28 and under employed as sh*t,' wrote lucious-luna. 'And all I can say is good for you! People look at you like you have 3 heads when use finances as a reason for not wanting to procreate.'

If this kind of story scratches an itch for you, head over to r/childfree for plenty more.

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