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In-laws stop by without notice and refuse to leave; couple calls the police. AITA?

In-laws stop by without notice and refuse to leave; couple calls the police. AITA?


'AITA for making my in laws leave?'

This is important for context: my husband and I have a very strict rule of if you don't call, or text us before you come over you're made to leave. This has been a fact since we got married and had kids. This applies to both sides of the family.

So today around 4:30, I hear a knock at the door and it turns out it's my in-laws. My husband isn't home at this point so I quickly call him to see if they'd talked to him about coming over. He says no they hadn't. I check my messages and missed calls and voicemail. They didn't call or next me either. I answer the door and ask them what they needed

They ask to see our daughter who isn't even home. She's at my mom's house visiting for the week since my husband and I are in that process of closing on a house and moving out of our rental home. So we are not in any shape to receive guests.

I ask them if they called or texted my husband or myself and they admit they had hadn't but they didn't see the issue since I was home. I remind them of our rule and tell them they need to leave. My FIL gets huffy saying they drove over an hour to see our daughter and they should be allowed in.

I explained that I understand that but since they didn't check with us first they needed to leave. I go to close the door and my MIL puts her foot in the way to prevent the door from closing. At this point I'm getting extremely frustrated as I have other things I need to take care of.

My MIL explains that since it was such a long drive they should at least be let in for a few minutes to visit. At this point my husband comes home and my in laws are under the impression my husband will let them in. He doesn't. He tells them to leave and at this point they're trespassing.

We have a no trespassing sign on a tree by the house. It's clearly visible. My husband reminds them of our rule and tells them to leave. They refuse. My husband then tells them he has no choice but to call the police and have them removed from the property.

My in-laws think he's bluffing but my husband isn't a bluffer. He calls the sheriff and has his parents removed from the property. His parents are extremely upset saying we're assholes for not letting them break the rule. I do honestly feel a little bad since they did drive an hour to see our daughter. AITA?

Here's what people think:

Dear_Word8021 says:

NTA - I suspect there's more to this story for you to have put that rule in place and go to the extent of calling law enforcement in, but regardless, who drives an hour without checking the person they want to visit is in, knowing a family rule and that you're in the middle of a move? Sounds like they tried to push a boundary and were peeved when it failed.

ExcitingTabletop says:

Normally I am all for people trying to work things out sanely. Compromise. All that happy jazz.

But if I ask someone to leave my property and they put their foot in the door to stop me from closing the door, calling the police is now the best option available the person. Because it just went from trespassing to home invasion.

Worldsgreatestfrog says:

NTA and anyone who says ESH or YTA has never had to deal with narcissist in-laws.

InterestingTry5190 says:

One of the things I loved the most after my divorce was no more fear I’d have my in-laws showing up at my house randomly 😆

ScarletteMayWest says:

Okay, for everyone complaining that OP and her husband took it too far: how many times do we tell people to put up boundaries and not let people in their homes if they just show up?

Now everyone is pearl-clutching, saying OP and husband are horrible. SMH. OP, NTA

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