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'AITA for going home when my sister didn't put her dogs away?' 'She's baffled.'

'AITA for going home when my sister didn't put her dogs away?' 'She's baffled.'


AITA for going home when my sister didn't put her dogs away?

My wife and I had our first child 3 months ago. My sister lives 2 hours away and has seen my daughter once. The wife, kid, and I made plans to travel the 2 hours to visit my sister. I thought this would be a good opportunity for my sister to visit with my daughter and we'd go out to eat somewhere.

My sister has 3 dogs who are her world and have free reign at her place, much to my chagrin at times. They are allowed on the couch, in the kitchen, everywhere. I've visited her and not sat on the couch because I don't want dog hair on me. We've had family vacations where she brought her dogs.

Everything had to be dog friendly or centric and I did not enjoy that trip. I've passed on future vacations. There was no point in trying to talk her out of bringing them plus I don't want to spend my vacation with her dogs.

When we arrived I knock, hear the barking, and tell my wife to hold off bringing my daughter inside until I know the dogs are in another room. Sister opens the door, greets me, and says come inside. I ask do you mind putting the dogs in another room.

She pauses, goes absolutely not, and looks baffled i'd even request that. I told her that i'm not ready for my daughter to be around 3 dogs. It's only for about an hour then we are going to lunch.

After a bit of back and forth it's obvious she won't put the dogs away. I just say, alright, i'm going to head home. I help my wife put my daughter in the car and start to leave. The whole time my sister is flipping out, saying WTF, she says she didn't even get to see her niece, says I'm an a**hole, etc.

So after 5 minutes at my sisters house we drove the 2 hours back home. I had 2 dozen texts and phone calls from her that I didn't acknowledge. So was I the a**hole in this situation?

Edits from OP:

The reason we drove to visit my sister is because she expressed us wanting to come out. She suggested I come to her place. I thought it was no issue to put the dogs in another room for an hour. Its not like we were staying for days on end, it was a day trip.

I don't want my kid around dogs right now, when she is older and after I can teach her properly how to interact with them she is. This isn't about allergies. The dogs behave fine, but to my knowledge they have never been around babies/children. They're 2 Corgi's and a Golden Retriever.

My wife was not happy, but she supports the no dogs around our baby rule.

I'd rather be safe than sorry with our daughter. I just left because I thought it was rude.

Here's what the judges had to say:

ConstaLobo writes:

YTA. Why would you go to your sister's house if you don't like dogs? Of course the dogs have the run of the place. It is THEIR place, not yours. But also, why did you go home instead of out to lunch?

Sure, your sister could have been more accommodating, but she didn't HAVE to. And now you're ignoring her, after you were SOOOOO rude to her??? YTA YTA YTA

Creepy_Addict writes:

YTA. You for not asking beforehand if she'd mind putting the dogs up while you visit. Instead of visiting at her house, why not go out to eat with her? Why go to someone's house that has 3 dogs if you don't want them around the baby yet?

GravediggersDaughter writes:

It’s sounds as though your sister considers her dogs to be family. She clearly loves them & treats them well. She wants them to be comfortable in their home. That’s THEIR BUSINESS & THEIR HOME. You are absolutely allowed to not like dogs & not want to be around them. But you DON’T get to dictate what someone does IN THEIR HOME.

You knew how things were at your sister’s home before you got in your car & drove the 2 hours to get there so why exactly were you surprised that she refused to “put her dogs away”? I’m genuinely baffled how you don’t see that YOU’RE in the wrong here. I’m curious-have any of these dogs ever bitten or lunged at you or anyone else?

Are they Ill-mannered? Poorly behaved? Or is this strictly because you don’t seem to care for dogs (which again, is totally ok). P.S.-If it’s not already obvious, yes YTA. You get to do things however you want in YOUR HOME just as your sister gets to in HER HOME.

DogIsBetterThanCat writes:

'Much to my chagrin.' Like as if he owns the place. Or has final say over how she cares for her dogs. OP has a a**hole-ish nerve.

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