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Guy asks if he was wrong to 'accidentally' out 'golden child' sister.

Guy asks if he was wrong to 'accidentally' out 'golden child' sister.


In a post on Reddit a young man with some family issues wanted to know if he was the AH for his behavior. Here's his story...

For context, my (20M) sister, Zo, (15F) has always been the golden child. I, on the other hand, was not. I always got yelled at for everything as a kid, especially when it came to her. [All names made up]

She was really sensitive when she moved in with us (having lived with my aunt and uncle until she was 6 due to my parents not being able to support two kids) and cried at nearly everything. Got her the wrong snack? Cried and told dad. Putting one cube to much ice in her water? Cried and told dad. I hold a bit of a grudge cus I feel like I had to grow up too fast because of her.

'Things have gotten better as we grew up, both parents apologizing to me for everything and her toughening up, but we still don’t enjoy each other.'

On to the story, Zo has had a ‘friend,’ Elle (16F), come over to our house (I still live with my parents) a lot recently. Elle and Zo have hung out at least a dozen times in the past month and slept over 3 times, the most recent (unknown to me at the time) being last night at our house.(Zo’s school got cancelled for today and yesterday due to electrical issues)

So, imagine my surprise when I came into Zo’s room (not knocking) this morning to ask if she wanted eggs and found two figures sleeping in her bed.

I quickly assume she snuck a boy in. I know I really should’ve known better but Elle has a very boyish frame and haircut and usually they sleep separately at sleepovers. They also were in an intimate position, cuddling in a non-platonic way. I was able to get out before either awoke.

Here’s where I admit I did a AH move. After a bit, I woke up my mom and told her Zo had snuck a boy in. My mom, forgetting Elle slept over, bursts into my sister’s room, and we both walk in on something we weren’t meant to see.

'Zo and Elle locking lips.'

They break away when we walk in but I know that both me and mom already saw it. I’ll clarify that both fully clothed and the kiss was chaste. I don’t care whether anyone likes anyone, but I know for a fact my mother does. Mom tells Elle to head home, which Zo makes her do. Then the fun began.

My mom and later dad yell at Zo for /hours/. I know a better person would have helped but a part of me saw it as revenge for years of being scolded because of her. My parents go out to cool down and I apologize to Zo for not knocking. She doesn’t respond.

'So I jokingly say, 'Not the little golden child anymore.'”

She says that I’m a bad brother and a mistake, which escalates to a little argument when I tell her that I had it worse and to toughen up. We exchanged some harsh words before she kicks me out of her room. She’s currently at my aunt and uncle’s while my parents figure out what to do.

My parents think I did the right thing, but I talked to my gf and couple of my friends about this and most of my friends agree that my only AH move was not knocking, but my gf says that I’m a huge AH for how I talked to Zo afterwards.

So Reddit, AITA?

Here's what the commenters had to say.


You’re 20 years old, acting like an immature and petty child.


YTA. It wasn't an accident, and you know it. It was a sh*tty thing to do, and you know that, too. You weaponized your parents' bigotry, which makes you no better than they are. Good job.


You're too old to be beefing with a 15 year old. Your parents are the ones who treated you lesser than your sister. Your issues should be with them.

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