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Guy's sister marrying bigot; he skips wedding; convinces family to skip too.

Guy's sister marrying bigot; he skips wedding; convinces family to skip too.


'AITA for refusing to attend my sisters wedding because of her fiancé?'

I (28M) have been married to my wife (28F) for 7 years, and although that was very young to get married we had been together since year 8 of secondary school and it’s safe to say I think she’s the one.

Now I come from a white family from Britain whereas she comes from a black family and she is dark skinned. My family never were racist towards her and were immediately accepting and her and my mother are pretty much best friends and last year we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

3 years ago though my sister(28F)(Twin) got a new boyfriend (30M) me and him didn’t have any problems as we hardly ever spoke but he seemed nice enough,so nice in fact that I helped him and my sister do the letters for their wedding.

When we were starting I checked through the guest list and after a quick skim through I noticed my wife’s name wasn’t on there. I questioned my sister about it and she directed me to her fiancé.

He stated that “he didn’t think it would be appropriate. ”I asked him what he meant and he said that it wouldn’t really seem right for us to mix and she would be the only “[slur]” there.

I had a total outrage at this and told my sister to cross off my name because if my wife doesn’t go, I don’t go. And I left her house and began to drive back to mine.

I told my wife what he said and she said I should just go to not stir up any family fights but I told her that she was family now and if she doesn’t go then I don’t either.

This whole argument has caused my family to pick side with my mum and dad being on mine but with most being on my sisters.

Lots of family members have called me up and told me to just come and I decided to ask my brother in law if he was going to change his mind and he put his foot down and said no.

My sister is now heartbroken because our parents aren’t going or our grandparents but she still refuses to invite my wife. I am really torn because I want to make my family happy but then again, my wife is my family.So AITA?


PhilosophyEastern290 writes:

Why you mad she wasn’t invited but not mad your BIL is RACIST

DeepFriedJerky OP responded:

That’s literally what I’m mad about…

jamalimua writes:

Info: Here’s my question? Would you go now if your wife was invited? If you would if I was your wife I’d divorce you in all honesty. The issue here is that you want your wife to be included but why would she WANT to be included by these people. I can almost guarantee she doesn’t. Why should your wife be made to sit thru that?

hollowkatt writes:

Oh she is. Lay down with bigots and you're a bigot. It's that simple. This should have been sisters hill to die on. Instead she sacrificed her sibling and parents on it.

F**k bigots, never compromise


1. I would not go now, I just want my family to apologise to my wife

2. I explained to people who were on her side my reasoning and as it turns out the fiancé lied to them and told them that me and him had an “argument” after I explained to them about half of the people still attending announced that they weren’t.

3. Great news everybody,the fiancé has been in a way banished from the family after everybody learned why I wasn’t attending, I have also cut most ties with my sister

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