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Man gets son a dog despite wife being 'terrified'; she wants it gone.

Man gets son a dog despite wife being 'terrified'; she wants it gone.


I’ve been terrified of dogs since I was young. My husband knew, but I don’t think he realised how bad it was until recently. He got our son a dog and at first, I was angry but he promised it wouldn’t come near me and our son was really happy so I agreed they could keep it as long as it was kept away from me.

For 2 months it was fine and I barely thought about the dog being so close but a few days ago the dog came inside and it freaked me out. I told my husband he had to get rid of it now since he broke his promise and I didn’t trust him to keep it away from me anymore.

My husband doesn’t want to get rid of it because our son is very attached to it already and the dog is harmless according to him. He wants me to let him take me around the dog so that I’ll stop being so scared of it but I’ve refused and told him it had to go. We argued and he told me that if I wanted it gone, I would have to take it myself.

My in-laws came to visit yesterday and my mother-in-law asked me if something had happened between us because I’m still angry at him and she noticed. I told her about the dog and she told him off and said she taught him better than to traumatise his pregnant wife.

Now my husband is upset at me because he thinks I only told his parents to force him to do what I wanted and that we’d hurt our son if we got rid of the dog now. AITA?



Wait….has the dog been outside the whole time?????

doggono OP responds:

Not exactly. We have an annex and the dog lives in there.

MeanestGoose says:

ESH. If your phobia is that bad, and you are unwilling to address it, you should never have allowed the dog to stay even 1 night. Your husband never should have gotten the dog without your consent. And the breeder or rescue never should have allowed him to have a dog without knowing all adults in the home were on board.

Now your son and a dog will be hurt because of your collective actions.

daisyiris says:

Wow. This is sad. I feel for the innocent dog and child in this situation. They have bonded. Do not downplay the hurt you two have caused to others. This is so wrong. Both adults are selfish. ESH.

Effective-Gur-242 says:

I am SO furious right now, at these two jokers, that my head is spinning! To take a dog and a child....two of the most trusting and innocent souls on the planet.....and crush their hearts is beyond me. My kids and my pets are the very things that make life so worthwhile, and to see how careless and selfish these adults have behaved is beyond my grasp of understanding.

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