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Guy asks if he's wrong for laughing at brother-in-law who accidentally ate dog food.

Guy asks if he's wrong for laughing at brother-in-law who accidentally ate dog food.


My sister and her husband are living with me temporarily because of Hurricane Ian. Their home in Fort Myers is in bad shape. I agreed to let them stay with me and my dogs. I own a nice bungalow and it's just me and my dogs. It's a little crowded but I can deal.

I have a couple of little dogs, and I like to make them raw food. It's healthy for them and I like knowing what they are eating. I use cheap ground meat, and I mix in chopped up vegetables, seeds, and organ meat. Also I mix in their doggy vitamins.

I make up big batches whenever I find ground meat at a good price. Then I make patties out of the mix and freeze them. At night I take out a couple of patties and leave them in the fridge to thaw out for the next days food.

When I was out yesterday my BIL saw the 'hamburgers' in my fridge and decided to grill them up and eat them. When I got home I went to feed my dogs but the food was obviously not there. So I asked my sister if she had fed my dogs while I was out.

She said that her husband had eaten the burgers in the fridge. I kind of giggled and said oops I guess I need to thaw more out. He heard me and said that they tasted off anyway. I told him the reason they tasted off is because they were dog food.

He started dry heaving and saying he was going to puke. He yelled at me for keeping dogfood around people food. I yelled back that he is a guest and while he is welcome to anything in the house perhaps it would be best if he asked before he ate my food.

Him and my sister are angry at me that I didn't label my dog food. I am kind of angry that I he complained. Yes I would be a little grossed out too but it's just funny. He isn't hurt or anything.

There is nothing that isn't edible by humans in the food I make. Part of the reason he is angry is because he says I took it lightly. All I did was joke that he would have a nice shiny coat. I would not eat it myself of course. AITA?

Questions, comments and answers:

movieholic-92 asks:

NTA - do you have a basic recipe you follow? My dog has a buttload of intolerances that wrecks his bowels. I'm struggling to find the right food for him, and I'm considering this route, but I'm terrified of missing vital ingredients for his health.

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:

Just make sure you have 70-80% ground meat. 10% organ meat. Then the rest fruits vegetables and seeds. Include some ground bone.

BlewCrew2020 says:

NTA. Don't steal food that's not yours and things won't taste so ruff.

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:


ConstantBack3349 says:

YTA. Unless you thought they had their own food, did you really expect them to just sit there hungry? A heads up would've been nice.

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:

LoL. The fridge and freezer are full of food.

hirvaan says:

'He started dry heaving and saying he was going to puke.' “Not in the house! Out to the back yard!” NTA ofc

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:

Oh My god. I should have done that.

Temporary-Tie-233 says:

NTA. Once I got a wild hair and decided to make some horse cookies from scratch. I used oats and flour and a little brown sugar and unsweetened applesauce as a binder, as well as, like, a lot of chopped hay.

So much hay it never occurred to me that my husband would need to be warned, but of course he walked in the kitchen and shoveled one right down his gullet. It never even occurred to him to be mad about it.

ShushImThinking says:

NTA. You're used to living alone and it takes some time to adjust to others sharing that space - like labeling dog food that looks fit for human consumption.

I think BIL is overreacting - it wasn't intentional on your part and it is kind of funny. Maybe get BIL a new squeaky toy to smooth things over.

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:


Creepy-Bag-5913 says:

In that case sorry YTA. A quick heads up that you keep dog food in the fridge and it looks like x would have taken you a second!

indigo-electrons asks:

INFO: had you discussed food/eating arrangements before this happened? Did they have a dedicated spot in the fridge or cupboards for their stuff? Was this the first meal (lol) they'd had at your place?

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:

Not first meal. They have permission to eat anything. No dedicated place for their food.

Creepy-Bag-5913 asks:

why do people think it is ok to help themselves to other peoples stuff? It comes up time and again on here. It’s also kinda hilarious karma

Professional-Gur-602 OP responded:

They are homeless right now because of the hurricane. I have told them they could eat anything in the house. He has permission. I just didn't think to tell they that it was dog food.

Creepy-Bag-5913 replied:

Edited after response YTA

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