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Woman asks for advice after little sis' moves in and starts 'seducing' husband. UPDATED

Woman asks for advice after little sis' moves in and starts 'seducing' husband. UPDATED


In a post on Reddit a woman asked the community for advice with little sister trouble. Here's her story.

'My 10 years younger sister is trying to seduce my husband and I’m freaking out.'

My(30f) sister (20f) has started college in the city my husband (28m) and I live in. There’s a housing shortage here and getting your own place may take 2-3 years sometimes, so she moved in with us. We live in a 4 bedroom apartment.

She moved in last week in November. Everything was great at first. Later I started noticing that she’s very “affectionate” with my husband.

When he works from home, she is home that day, making him sandwiches, coffee etc. she never uses the shower in her room because “its too small”, instead she uses bigger one in the hall so she can walk around in a towel, sometimes going into the kitchen to make tea when my husband is tidying up after dinner.

She stands there in the towel chitchatting. It feels so weird and perverted tbh I mean she’s my baby sister. I thought maybe I’m overreacting because I seem to be the only one noticing anything weird. I have spoken to my mum about it but she says it’s in my head because my husband loves me and my sister loves me and I’m just feeling insecure because I’m pregnant and have gained weight.

I’m having a difficult pregnancy, so yesterday I took a day of and stayed in bed. My husband was working from home. My sister didn’t know I was home. She came home from the gym and she had bought lunch with her. She called for my husband to join her and I heard her loudly saying I bet you wish you had a wife who took care if you like this.

I went to the kitchen and she was in her sport bra and very small tight shorts. She was like oh I didn’t know you’re here and she took her lunch and went to her room.

I don’t know what to do about this situation. I have mentioned this once to her about her walking around in a towel but she laughed it off saying that I was imagining things because I’m insecure. If I kicked her out it would mean that she can’t continue with her studies this year because my parents live 5 hours away.

I’m not worried about my husband but I think what she’s doing is disrespectful and for it to continue one maybe two years is honestly exhausting. Wtf is wrong with her. She used to be my baby girl!

People have thoughts in the comments:


I would tell sister she has a month to move out.


Kick that b*tch out. She's being completely disrespectful and selfish when you made sacrifices for her.


You need to talk to your husband


What your sister is doing is beyond disrespectful and gross. She’s literally trying to take your man when you opened the doors of your home to her. I would sit her down and straight out ask her what is going on with her…if she tries to blow you off, tell her again very seriously and in a stern voice that you want to talk to her and you know exactly what she’s doing.

Tell her it makes you AND your husband uncomfortable…don’t be scared to make her a little uncomfortable and throw all the weird/disrespect things she’s been doing in her face….she has to acknowledge first that she’s being inappropriate …if that does t work have both your husband and you talk to her…either way she needs to get it through her head that it isn’t okay.

Husband needs to be loud and vocal about his displeasure in having little sis walk around in a towel or leave every time she tries to engage in conversation with him..he needs to start treating her like a bother as well if not, she’s just going to keep viewing it as encouragement l/challenge.

Something in your baby sisters head switched and made her view you as competition. If she keeps acting that way, kick her out. Why live with someone that is actively trying to sabotage you? That’s no sister.


wtf you need to talk to him. Put yourself in his shoes, maybe HE is feeling awkward about it too but is scared to talk to YOU about it?


Since my mother and sister dismissed me I talked to my husband (thank you for suggesting that). He told me that he has noticed my sister acting weird around him. he was however very uncomfortable talking to me about it, since it was my idea that she should live with us. I might think he’s making things up to kick my sister out.

He said the days he’s been working from home, she’s been almost always home. Walking around in her underwear or tiny gym wearing. He asked her on a number of occasions to put some more clothes on. she laughed and asked if he’s not used to being around confident women.

She also always talked me down in front of him and commented things like “my bad posture” or “my old age” or “I wonder if she will be able to lose her baby weight”

I was appalled. Wtf is wrong with my sister. I have never had problems with her and I always took care of her growing up. I decided that she must leave. I have been trying to find a place for her in the city and I know one of my colleague’s grandmother rents rooms for students. She lives near campus so it would be perfect for her.

I didn’t want to break the news myself to her because by now I know what she would say. That I aM sO jEaLoUs aNd ThReAtEnEd bY hEr. So I asked my husband to talk to her. Apparently she broke down crying, asking him if I put him up to this.

He told her that this was his apartment as much as it’s mine and he’s not comfortable having her around. He told her about the new arrangement we’ve made but if she didn’t like it she was welcome to find a place on her own or move back home. She’s getting until the end of the month.

Today she was so angry with me. She told me that if my husband really loved me I wouldn’t have felt so threatened by her. She was also mad because now she’ll have to pay rent and live in a smaller room. I don’t know. I feel sorry for her, but I’m honestly shocked at how callous she is! When did this happen?

Only yesterday she was my baby who waited for me to come home on holidays to try my new clothes and make up. Now she’s shut in her room. Only speaking to me to call me pathetic and insecure. I’m so miserable right now.

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