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Man won't apologize after GF adds salt to sister's cooking, sister says 'I won't host again.'

Man won't apologize after GF adds salt to sister's cooking, sister says 'I won't host again.'


Food is very personal, so it's hardly surprising people get their feelings hurt over it.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for refusing to apologize for his girlfriend's eating habits. He wrote:

"AITA for refusing to apologize to my sister for my girlfriend's eating habits?"

I’m 27M, my girlfriend is 22F, we’ve been dating for 2 years…call her Immy. Our relationship is great, we rarely argue and even then we solve that by talking…we’re currently expecting a baby, we’re 5 months along. Immy loves salt, it’s a fact everyone knows about her.

She’ll always try the food before adding salt and has always admitted she adds an ungodly amount…pizza, noodles, pasta you name it and she’ll add salt. We went to my sister's place because she’d cooked a meal to celebrate the pregnancy…as usual, Immy tried the meal and added an unhealthy amount of salt.

Well sister lost her s#$t, and I told her idk why it surprises her when we have a meal twice a month together. Sister and parents expected me to apologize on behalf of my girlfriend or for her to apologize I refused and now it’s causing aggravation in the family. They’re not worried about her health they’re just upset she seasoned the food to her liking.

They’re refusing to host any more meals until one of us apologizes. Immy wants to apologize but I told her no so now she’s upset I’m “dragging it out.” AITA?

The internet was unsurprisingly opinionated.

pandatron3221 wrote:

NTA….but I would have her calcium and magnesium levels checked. These can make you crave sweets and salt. Especially being pregnant she may be having more mineral deficiencies. If she’s medically ok and her blood pressure is good then she’s not in any harm and just likes things the way she does.

Adults shouldn’t try to control other adults non harmful eating habits, raise concerns if you think they’re in danger otherwise shut up about people liking things you don’t.

InevitableHorror8535 wrote:

As someone who always adds salt to almost all dishes I have never met anyone who was offended by it. Had people lecturing me because they are worried for my health. Had my best friend (she works as a chef) calling me a dumba*s for ruining "taste balance" of certain meals but nobody was ever offended.

SunshineShoulders87 wrote:

NTA - do they want her to enjoy the meal or eat it their way? I’m against well done steak with ketchup, but if that’s what my guest wants - guess how I’ll be cooking their steak?

Illustrious-Shirt569 wrote:

NTA. People like different amounts of salt. I do hope it’s been mentioned as part of her medical check-ups though, just in case. Eating way more salt than anyone else was pretty much the only observable symptom of a disorder that my niece has before diagnosis.

Far_Culture2891 wrote:

NTA. The most I would offer in order not to drag it out (as Immy said) is an intentionally weak I'm sorry it offended you that makes clear they're the problem.

And honestly, refusing to host again until they get an apology? Childish.

OP and Immy are NTAs, his family is just being dramatic.

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