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Man asks if he was wrong for serving 'dog food' to his guests.

Man asks if he was wrong for serving 'dog food' to his guests.


'AITA for serving my guests disgusting food?​​​​​'

I was at the butcher looking for some cheap meat to use for tacos at my housewarming party. My wife got me a kick-ass new smoker and I wanted to try it out. The butcher mentioned that he had some beef tongue and beef cheeks. I went weak in the knees. I love those cuts of beef. So much flavour. And proper barbacoa is made from that.

So I picked it up. I prepared it the way I was taught by my grandfather. It was awesome. Smoking it makes it so tender. I made tortillas from scratch as well.

We had our party and everyone enjoyed the food. Until my brother-in-law's girlfriend asked for the recipe. I declined because it was my family recipe and I don't like to give away recipes. I have in the past and I end up getting crapped on because it doesn't taste as good and I must have sabotaged them on purpose.

No Madison I didn't sabotage you. You used cinnamon powder in your chili instead of a couple of cinnamon sticks like I said. My wife told me to please play nice and share. So I wrote out the recipe for the girl. She immediately starts dry heaving like she is going to hurl. My brother-in-law comes over to see what's going on. She screams that I served dog food for supper.

So everyone starts asking what she means and she starts waving the recipe around and saying that beef cheeks and tongues are what she buys for dog snacks. No one else complains. They all say she is being ridiculous and that the meal was great.

She is left there crying and being comforted by my brother-in-law. Now she is flaming me on Facebook calling me names and saying that just because I ate peasant food growing up is no reason to feed it to others.

I feel kind of guilty because I thought I was doing a nice thing making authentic food. But I guess I might be an a**hole for serving cuts of meat that Americans don't think is fit for human consumption?


AryaIsWaif says:

NTA. Repeat this until it takes hold: 'I am not responsible for others' lack of epicurean taste.'

Beef cheeks are literally a delicacy. Tongue, while not specifically a delicacy, has good flavor and a unique (but not gross) texture. It isn't like you fed them tripe. Thankfully, most of them acknowledged that it tasted amazing. You don't need the one idiot in your life.

'peasant food' makes me laugh. I LOVE oxtail, but I can't afford it any more because the 'foodies' have discovered it.

Sk111W says:

NTA I'll admit that I (vegetarian) am actually a bit surprised that people eat tongue and cheeks but calling it peasant or dog food when everyone (including her) enjoyed it seems needlessly entitled.

bubbleuj asks:

INFO: c'mon you gotta tell us the recipe. At least a vague little hint

Complex_Ad5616 OP says:

Cheek is easy. Low and slow. It is tough and you need to give all the binding material in the meat a chance to dissolve.

Simmer the tongue for two hours. Then the tough outer layer comes off really easy. Then smoke it with mellow chilies and onions and garlic. Seriously that simple for the tongue. It just takes a long time.

Qaws888 says:

NTA at all. The brother's girlfriend sounds a bit picky and stuck-up about their food.

However, to help alleviate situations like this in the future, I would take the time to explain to guests, 'Hey, i'm making x food, which is made from y meat. If you have any questions or concerns about this, let me know and I have z meat here.'

Complex_Ad5616 OP says:

I have literally seen each and every one of them eat barbacoa tacos at a restaurant. Barbacoa is made from a cows head.

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