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Woman buys family home; sends grandma to jail for ‘trespassing.’ AITA?

Woman buys family home; sends grandma to jail for ‘trespassing.’ AITA?


Sometimes, family can be a complicated tapestry of love and resentment.

One woman took to Reddit to ask if she had gone too far in a family dispute. She purchased a house, including 4 acres of land that had previously been a family gathering location. Now, she is using the ownership to dictate which family members are allowed to be on her property. She is taking it so seriously, that now her grandmother is facing multiple years in jail for trying to visit the property.

'AITA for telling my grandmother she is not allowed on my property that used to be a family property?'


I (22f) decided to look for a house awhile back. I ended up seeing my aunt’s property for sale. Now mind this used to be the family hangout. Party’s, cook offs, and just whatever little get together.

My aunt got her sister (my other aunt who owned it after my uncle died), to GIVE it to her saying she can stay on the property. She then ended up kicking her off after it was all in her name.

Me and my Gram do not get along. She always tried to frame me for stuff my cousins did, called me a mutt, and just always insulted my physical appearance and so much more but that’s another story.

I ended up buying the property and it’s a good 4 acres and all. I have since had certain family visit (the ones that I trust) since I really don’t like anyone in my business.

Well my gram called asking if she could come over and take a walk around to remember old times. I told her she is not allowed to step on my property especially since I don’t trust her. She just hung up. So I left it as that.

I decided to treat myself to my favorite restaurant and was having me a drink, watching the basketball game. She found me at the restaurant and begged to come to my property. I said I’m sorry but I do not trust her and I do not feel comfortable with her around me and to please leave me alone.

She said she just wanted to ask me a favor. I asked what she wanted and she had the audacity it ask me if I can give half the property to my COUSIN?!? I told her I will not as it’s my property and I do not want her anywhere near me especially as my neighbor. She said I’ll regret it and left. I didn’t take it to heart.

Later that night I heard my dogs going off. I went to go look and ended up finding her damaging my fence, my rv connections, including my friends rv who was staying there at the time.

I called the police and I did press charges. My grandmother's claim is that she did it because it isn’t fair that I’m doing well when my cousin is not. The thing is, I work and my cousin expects everything to just be handed to her. I work hard for my money as I do oilfield. So now my grandmother is facing a couple years in jail and my family is saying I’m taking it too far. But I feel like I’m just.

It has gotten to the point that I have been getting constant messages and calls saying I’m going to hell. So I just wanted to ask. AITA?

Here are the top comments from readers:


NTA. Your family sounds toxic, and your grandmother sounds mentally ill.


NTA Don't drop charges for any reason. Keep local police informed, and let them know that you are worried of potential violence or further property damage by them and that you would like said department to keep tabs on your family after this incident. Tell them not to contact you as well and think about a restraining order.


You might want to get some cameras. And make certain the locks have been changed since your family members last lived there.


NTA. 'Taking it too far? ' No, Ma'am! She took it 'too far' when she turned vandal in retaliation for your refusal to be put in a precarious position on your own property.

Make sure that the prosecuting attorneys know that you want any plea agreement to include a restraining order forbidding her to contact you, slander you or come within 100 feet of you or your property. Do put in a good security system, especially if your work keeps you in the field for extended periods.


Get a restraining order op NTA and don't drop the charges or she'll probably escalate.

Do you think this granddaughter took things too far or did her grandmother have this coming?

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