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Man in double-cast leaves drunk sister on porch all night after she forgets keys. AITA?

Man in double-cast leaves drunk sister on porch all night after she forgets keys. AITA?


There's nothing quite like a sibling argument. The emotions can run so high, the only people that can settle it are internet strangers.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for leaving his sister to sleep in the dog bed overnight. He wrote:

"AITA for 'making' my sister sleep in the dog bed outside overnight?"

So I'm currently in a leg and arm cast due an accident and so temporarily moved back home with the parents and my younger sister. My parents are currently out of town and so it was just me and my sister. My sister has a tenancy of leaving her keys behind/losing them and usually we have to open for her.

She was going out for a party Friday night and I warned her to triple check that she had her keys before she left. Surprise surprise, she left the keys behind so she called me at like 3am drunk and telling me to open up for her.

Getting up is a mission in my condition and I'd warned so I told her straight up that I wasn't coming downstairs to open for her so she should call a friend and stay there for the night, hung up then put my phone on DND. She screamed my name for awhile until one of the neighbors told her to stfu and so she, instead of calling a friend, decided to sleep in the old dog bed outside.

Found her there in the morning and woke up her up to get inside. She was hella pissed and yelled at me for making her sleep in the dog bed. She also found a tick on her later and blames that on me too.

We've been fighting back and forth over this and so here we are for some impartial voices. I feel bad that she slept outside but also feel like that was poor choice on her part. Am I the AH?

The internet had OP's back.

wwhhoovviiaann wrote:

NTA, you didn't make her sleep outside. She chose to sleep outside instead of trying to call a friend or remember her keys. This is on her, you told her to check and she didn't.

Alex_Spier1 wrote:

I'm confused. You state that you weren't able to go down and open the door the previous night but had no issues doing it in the morning. Why? Was it really due to your injury or the fact that it was a mild inconvenience? Like others have said, it's not safe to leave a drunk person like that outside, she's your sister and they took you in when you needed their help.

Before you come at me, I've actually had surgery and was in a cast for 2 months with minimal mobility and would've opened the door for my sister if I was in your place. YTA.

majesticjewnicorn had some key questions:

INFO: Why the hell would your parents go out of town, and your sister go to a party, knowing your situation and the whole purpose of you staying with them is because you are recovering and cannot be in your own home, alone? Anything could've happened to you whilst home alone. Your sister also chose to get drunk, making her next to useless to help you out in case of any emergencies.

EDIT: NTA except for would've been better off just staying in your own home.

And OP responded:

Parents aren't really the coddling type unfortunately. They figured having at least another person in the house with me was enough.

Hotchasity wrote:

YTA bc you still walked downstairs to let her in a couple of hrs later. It sounds more like you made her stay outside as a punishment. She was drunk and it was 3am anything could have happened.

Accomplished-Mess307 wrote:

YTA, if you were able to walk down in the morning you were able to walk down at night. You wanted to punish her, very cruel. She made poor decisions but you should have helped her.

normanbeets wrote:

ESH. This is how Leslie Mahaffy was murdered. Your sister sucks for sure but locking someone out of the house is cold blooded. I hope she learned her lesson.

Clearly, no one can agree here, which means we need your comments and thoughts.

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