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Man asks if he's wrong to keep evidence of 'douche' brother being a hypocrite.

Man asks if he's wrong to keep evidence of 'douche' brother being a hypocrite.


AITA for taking pictures of my holier than thou brother charging his Tesla using my diesel welding machine?

My little brother is a lawyer. I am proud of him. He knew early on in life what he wanted to do with his life and he went for it. He worked his ass off and he became a lawyer. First person in our family to graduate from university.

He is a bit of a douche though. He likes to show off how environmentally responsible he is. He has solar panels on his house and he has a Tesla. There is nothing wrong with caring about the environment or buying yourself nice things with the money you earn. But he likes to drag me in particular for working in the oilfield.

Well it has been particularly cold where we live and he got stuck in traffic for a long time. The combination of the cold, running his heater, and being out for much longer than planned screwed him over. His vehicle was almost down to no power so he pulled over to the side of the road to wait for roadside assistance.

I guess that Teslas are a real pain to deal with if you let them go all the way dead. He was quoted almost 18 hours. So he broke down and called me.

I have a welding rig. A big full size diesel truck with a diesel welding machine that doubles as a generator. I drove out to where he was stuck and fired up my big dirty machine and charged his car enough so that he could make it to a supercharger.

I did take a couple of pictures though. Because I thought it was funny that I was using a diesel engine to keep him warm while using another one to charge his car.

He is mad at me now because I took pictures. He thinks I will post them to embarrass him. That is not my intent. I just want to be able to remind him if this event the next time he craps on what I do for a living and what I drive.

His wife called my wife who just called me and told me that I was being an asshole and to delete the pictures.

Here's what people had to say:

FatherPyrlig writes:

How did you charge his car? Your generator has an attachment that fits electric car charging ports?

Zealousideal_Call769 OP responded:

He had the adapter.

dwells2301 writes:

NTA. Keep the pictures. Personally I would use it as my Christmas card, but I can be ornery.

SassyPikachuu writes:

Brother doesn’t like there is documentation of him not practicing what he preaches. Lol. It would be a shame if this ended up being on Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards.

Rodents210 writes:

It’s called the Angry Jack phenomenon. People want any excuse to call do-gooders hypocrites so that they don’t have to change their own behavior even 1%.

To any reasonable person “brother charges his car sustainably 364 days out of the year but charges it unsustainably 1 time in a literal life or death situation so he is just as bad as if not worse than his brother who literally works in oil” is completely batshit insane to say.

BogusBuffalo writes:

Diesel brother hasn't done anything with the pictures. Telsa brother is being too dramatic at this point over some pictures. If Diesel brother had done something he'd be TA, but he hasn't, so he's NTA.

Tesla brother though is making this a bigger issue than it needs to be, all for the sake of his image, which is pretty ridiculous.

Standard-Reception90 writes:

I'm a tree hugger and I approve of your actions. Act superior to others and they will remind you of it when you least want them too.

whysosirius47 writes:

YTA. He is your brother and asked you to delete the pictures, so you delete them. If you can’t put your families feelings above your wants, don’t expect to have a family for very long.

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