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Man overhears brother insulting him, so he disinvites nephew from vacation.

Man overhears brother insulting him, so he disinvites nephew from vacation.


AITA for excluding my nephew from a vacation because of what I overheard his dad say about me?

I'm a 33M (divorced) have 2 sisters and a brother all with children. I go on 3-4 trips annually to see different parts of the world (used to do it for work). For the past 3 years things were difficult because my ex wife and I were having issues.

I divorced her after she spread a rumor questioning my manhood and accusing me of lack of intimacy that resulted in divorce. She also said it's part of the reason why we couldn't have kids.

It's all in the past now, and my family never brings it up. Since I needed a break I decided to go on a vacation (3 days). This time I wanted to take my nieces and nephew with me (along with my new girlfriend). My sisters were thrilled with the idea. All was going according to plan. I booked tickets and took care of everything and we needed for next week.

2 days ago, I was visiting my parents house and I found my eldest nephew and his mom there too as well as my brother. I was sitting outside but then decided to go to use the bathroom.

On my way inside, I overheard my brother question where I got the money to fund this vacation after my ex basically 'screwed me out' of everything, and 'rightfully so.' Then he said that he felt sorry for her for thinking she could make up for all the time she wasted in a sexless marriage with some money.

I was shocked and furious. I confronted him and he was stunned to see me in front of him. I told him that if this is how he thinks of me then his son won't be included on the vacation. He tried to argue and attempted to explain saying I took what he said out of context, but I refused to argue and left.

My brother is upset by my decision. Our parents are saying I'm punishing my nephew when he's the innocent one here and his dad's big mouth isn't his fault. I refused to argue about it, and told him I'd take my nephew if his dad pays for his ticket and room, which he refused to do since the others are going for free.

Now I'm being called bitter and being accused of treating the kids differently based on how I feel about the parents.

AITA for excluding my nephew from a vacation because of what I overheard his dad say about me?


BeddingtonBlvd says:

Adults don’t punish kids for someone else’s screw up. Kids aren’t “collateral damage “. It’s a small human, for goodness sake. Whatever issue the OP has with his brother, it’s not his nephew’s fault.

NTDP1994 says:

To everyone who is complaining about OP punishing the nephew, please, tell me, how do you expect OP then to punish his brother? NTA, OP. I understand why people are upset about your nephew being collateral damage, I truly, truly get it. But that's the part of your brother's consequences 'play around and find out', his kid gets excluded if he doesn't pay up and he loses a free trip to his kid.

Meeoco says:

He has offered to let his brother pay for the nephew which, frankly, seems more than fair.

maleia says:

It's a vacation, not life needing food and water. The kid's father made his kid 'collateral damage' in this. You're not gonna sit there and try to say OP has to finance an uncomfortable situation.

veganvampirebat says:

He could “punish” his brother by limiting the relationship between them as much as possible while maintaining the relationship with his nephew.

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