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Man selling car to BIL raises price after valuation goes up; 'I'm just trying to do right.'

Man selling car to BIL raises price after valuation goes up; 'I'm just trying to do right.'


'AITA For Asking For More Money For My Car?'

So, I (28 M) offered to sell my RAV4 that has 100,000 miles on it in January to my brother and his wife. They have a baby and a beat up Honda civic as well as a Scion with way too many miles on it. They shared they’d be car hunting this year.

I offered to sell it to them for what Carvana offered (which was $14,500) and they agreed to it right away. The problem was that my wife and I still hadn’t picked out our replacement car. So, they’d check in every week or so but we weren’t ready. In the end, we decided to hold onto the car until our trip to Disney this past week.

I checked Carvana again and they offered me more. This time $16,500. I texted my brother telling him he could have it but he would need to match Carvana’s new offer.

He responded saying that they’re not haggling and they’ve been putting off buying a car for months because they thought we had an agreement and were just waiting on us. They called me an AH for stringing them along for 3 months and then asking for $2000 more. I’m just trying to do what is right by my two kids and one on the way. AITA?

OP responds to comments:

lonnielee3 writes:

YTA. Your brother is advised by me to only deal with reputable sellers. He can do better than your RAV4 with over 100,000 miles on it plus that long trip to Disney you’re planning.

PlusLavishness9948 OP responded:

According to Carvana they’d have to spend $20,000 to get a RAV4 with this many miles on it if they bought it from them. Even at $16,500, it’s a good deal.

asheandpass420 writes:

Carvana is not a reputable source for fair market value. I don't know who told you it was, but it isn't and has never been.

PlusLavishness9948 OP responded:

Reputable or not doesn’t really matter when I can see they are offering me $16,500 and they are selling those models with similar mileage for $20,000. If they buy from me, even at this new price, it’s better than what they’d get buying from Carvana.

Accomplished_Ad9655 writes:

YTA, you gave them a price that they agreed to right away. Holding off for what? Raising it 3 months later .. wtf dude. Did you drive to Disney also???

PlusLavishness9948 OP responded:

We were trying to find a car we liked and with two kids + a pregnant wife it’s hard to do. And yes, we drove it to Disney. It’s a six hour drive to and from and that’s our car. We haven’t sold it to them yet.

Here's how people judged OP:

idontcare8587 writes:

YTA. If you had checked today and it was LESS than when you had made the agreement, you wouldn't have said s**t.

WildflowerChickpea writes:

Yeahhhh and “doing right by your kids” while screwing over other close relatives is not in fact a noble endeavor lol ESPECIALLY after putting MORE miles and wear and tear on your car.

_gadget_girl writes:

Not to mention that they remain committed to the sale despite your behavior that made them wait longer than I expected. In the meantime, they could’ve been looking around and possibly found a better car with fewer miles on it.

Apart_Foundation1702 writes:

Agreed! OP is a massive a**hole! You had a contract for sale for one price! You messed them around by holding onto the car and added more miles then had the audacity to charge $2k more on a more deprecated car! They could of brought another car by now and they don't have time to waste with a baby coming! Disgusting! YTA!

If they go lc with you after this I wouldn't blame them. Money grabber!

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