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Man calls wife's teen sister 'spoiled,' says he 'never liked her'; she cries. AITA?

Man calls wife's teen sister 'spoiled,' says he 'never liked her'; she cries. AITA?


I’m 30, my wife is 34, and her sister Alexa is 19. We got married two years ago but we’ve known each other for a long time. My wife’s parents live abroad and they have a business there. 11-12 years ago they sent Alexa to the US to live with my wife and get her education. My wife is basically her only parent. She does everything for Alexa.

I’ll be honest. Alexa is a brat who honestly gets on my nerves. It’s like she exists to make my wife’s life miserable. She’s arrogant, rude, entitled, nasty. She constantly broke rules and none of her teachers ever liked her. She refused therapy. I’m amazed at the patience and kindness my wife has because the girl was a nightmare. The second Alexa went to college we got married.

She came home for Thanksgiving (probably skipping classes) and came to me this weekend and “confessed her feelings.” Apparently, I treated her so much better than my wife when she was growing up. I tried to be nice to her just because she’s my wife’s sister. I’d do things like take her out once in a while to give my wife/then gf a break.

When my wife would try to tutor Alexa and she wouldn’t even do her work and fail half her classes, I told her to let it go.

I lost it and told her I don’t like her, I never liked her, and I was only nice to her because it would make my wife happy. I told her I only put up with her spoiled self to be with my wife and I was annoyed whenever she intruded.

Alexa started sobbing and ran out. I told my wife everything and she said I was right to turn her down, but didn’t have to be so harsh. She thanked me for being honest. Her parents are furious. I’ve gotten a bunch of weird text messages from what I suspect are Alexa’s friends. AITA?

Edit: I would never do anything because Alexa is literally a kid I’ve seen grow up. It would be disgusting and immoral. I would have shut her down either way but I’m asking if I’m the asshole for revealing how I really feel about that brat.

Here's what people said in the comments:

lihzee writes:

NTA. Don’t spend time alone with her anymore. She’s not a child, she knows better.

Info - did she confess her feelings romantically, or just state that she felt you were a kinder parental figure than your wife?

Financial-Read378 OP responded:

Romantically. She said it was clear I liked her more and she wanted to let me know how she felt. She wanted to know if “I felt the same way she does” which is an absolute NO. Not only do I hate it, it pales in comparison to the fact that I knew her since she was a kid.

newbeginingshey writes:

NTA but what in the world is going on?? Your wife thinks you were too harsh in turning down her sister’s attempt to ruin your marriage ??!! Were you supposed to just pull a Gabby from Desperate Housewives and say “that’s a negatory on the affair” with a smile on your face?🤦‍♀️😳

Financial-Read378 OP responded:

My wife’s always had a weak spot for Alexa. Alexa’s a cross between her baby sister and her first child.

NiceButton7 writes:

I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist but... is Alexa her daughter? It's very strange that her parents left her alone with a small child for over a decade.

NTA, but something is up. Alexa doesn't sound well.

Financial-Read378 OP responded:

Nah. Physically impossible as my wife was in a whole other continent when Alexa was born. My MIL had her really late in life and she had a couple of health complications.

My wife does see Alexa as kind of a daughter because she basically raised her.

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