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Man suggests sister and fiancé who share a last name get DNA test before marriage. 'AITA?'

Man suggests sister and fiancé who share a last name get DNA test before marriage. 'AITA?'


"AITA for suggesting my sister and fiancé get a DNA test before they get married?"

Here's the story:

My sister (26f) is engaged to her fiancé (30M) and getting married later this year. They both have the same last name. She was excited by this idea because then she won't have to change her last name when they get married.

I have been a little bit concerned because my family comes from a small rural county in our state, and his family comes from the next county over. Our state also has a history of polygamy... and large families. At our most recent family get together, I suggested (not for the first time) that they get a DNA test to make sure they aren't related.

My sister said that our last name is one of the most common last names in the state. It's not, but it is a common last name. I said that they still should check to be sure. At this point, she told me to shut the F up and the conversation was over because nobody wants to deal with her. The wedding is in less than three months, and she wants a baby yesterday.

AITA for suggesting they get a DNA test? Or do you agree that it should be a concern?

Edit 1: I want to be more clear, I have brought this up one other time when they started dating over a year ago.

Here's what top commenters had to say:

IntrovertedBookMan said:

YTA. You’re nagging her about something that’s none of your business and you’re not backing off when asked to do so. They can’t be that closely related, if they’re related at all, or older family members would have spotted the crossover.

It’s a common surname, and honestly, sharing a great-great-great grandpa generations ago isn’t a concern. Stop pestering your poor sister and obsessing over her potential child’s genetics.

headdeskreact said:

OP, are you sure the conversation was over because nobody wanted to deal with her, as opposed to nobody wanting to deal with you? Of all the things you need to let go because they're not your concern, this is in the top 5. YTA.

twelvedayslate said:

YTA. You even say this wasn’t the first time you’ve mentioned it- how often are you telling them to get a DNA test? I’d be offended, too. Butt out.

CrSkin said:

It’s Utah… so go to, it is highly likely you will be able to plug in your own name and parents names and see if you are related to the fiancé. TA-da!

Consistent-Annual268 said:

Do you know how common cousin marriages and marriages within your community/village still are in significant chunks of the world? As long as they aren't actually siblings, there's nothing wrong going on here. Your concern is valid, but bringing it up more than once, and in front of everyone, was a dick move. YTA.

And Accomplished-Tie108 said:

Honestly, I would want a DNA test for myself to make sure..

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