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Man asks if he's wrong for skipping sister's wedding shower to be with pregnant wife.

Man asks if he's wrong for skipping sister's wedding shower to be with pregnant wife.


If you had to choose between being a guest at your sister's wedding shower or staying with your pregnant wife in the hospital, which would you choose? The choice is easy, right? Well, believe it or not, some entitled brides would consider this a-hole behavior.

That's the situation Reddit user u/East_Two_7825 recently found himself in. When he rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital, he assumed his family would understand he obviously couldn't make it to his sister's wedding shower. His family did not understand. In fact, it was just the opposite, they freaked out.

Now he's asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for going to the hospital instead of my sister's wedding shower?'

He writes:

I feel like so much of our families are divided that I don’t know who is wrong and who is right.

For context my wife Lacey (32 F) and I (37 M) have been trying to conceive since she was in her late 20s and me in my early 30s. My wife had a VERY hard time conceiving and I feel blessed that she wanted to continue trying despite her struggles and am happy to say that we have a baby on the way!

Now onto the f*ck fest. My sister's wedding shower was last Sunday. The night before my wife said she was feeling uncomfortable, but we just thought it was normal pregnancy pains so I told her if she wasn’t up for the wedding shower I could go alone so that she could rest.

Until about 5 in the morning when she wakes me up screaming. I immediately get my shit and get my wife in the car and floor it to the hospital. I phone my parents and sister, both not picking up due to the time so I left them a voicemail and text saying if my wife had a serious problem, I wasn’t attending.

A couple hours go by and I inform them that I am staying with my wife while tests are being run because she shouldn’t go through that alone. Ever since then I’ve gotten a flurry of texts calling me an asshole/other names I won’t repeat and some family completely cutting me off.

I stand by my decision that my wife’s comfort is most important even if it makes me a “bad guy”. But I have to ask AITA?

Bridezillas really need to chill. Sorry to break it to you ladies, but getting married is not that special. Billions of people do it every day. The world does not actually come to a grinding halt just because it's your wedding shower, engagement party, bachelorette party, dress fitting, wedding day, wedding reception, or post-wedding brunch.

I'm beyond shocked that this guy's own wife and mother are angry with him. As if they wouldn't want their husbands supporting them in the hospital if the roles were reversed! Good for this husband for standing by his wife and baby when they need him most. Reddit agrees that in no way, shape, or form is this man 'The A**hole.'

From Actual_Willingness60

NTA! In no situation! Is a family event more important than a medical emergency! Hell, even if it was the actual wedding day, staying with your wife would be more important.

From EvilFinch

It was just a f*cking shower, an unnecessary event to grab as much gifts as possible. An emergency is so much more important. If some family really think that a shower is more important than that your wife is in the hospital... just block them and be happy to see the true colors of those people. You don't want them ever around you or your future children.

NTA I hope that your wife is feeling better❤️

From CrunchyCookies51

Imagine you'd gone to the shower alone -'where's Lacey?' 'oh shes in the hospital, she woke up screaming at 5am so I left her there alone and came to party' This is the only scenario that would make you in any way an AH!

The family who are cutting you off - goodbye and good riddance.
The rest who are calling you names - **** right off! Your, your wife's and your unborn baby's health are literally ALL that matters. NTA and I hope everything is okay.

From ObjectiveSense102

OP, your family are hella nuts, selfish and insensitive, and have their priorities bass backward. NTA and good luck!

From Choice-Primary-9495

NTA, your sister absolutely lacks any sort of empathy in this situation, pregnancy is a super scary thing and any person that's going through it knows how crazy and even dangerous it could be. Your family are a bunch of AH's for acting like this wasn't a valid reason for not attending the wedding. Stand your ground.

From Forsaken-Teaching756

NTA at all. Your family is beyond belief. I hope wife and bubs are OK. I would remember this for the future and be petty af. Sis having baby, come to hospital = nah sorry got a wedding shower to go to. And just carry on till they understand their own patheticness.

From invomitous-rex

Wait this was just the wedding SHOWER?? Not the actual wedding? Dude you should not even have had to apologise for missing that. Even if you’d missed the whole damn wedding you still would have done the right thing! People and their goddamn weddings man….NTA.

From​​​​​​​ bellanzxo

NTA at all. I commend you for being by your wife's side

From LunchLady87

NTA. If you were my brother (or friend or other relative) I'd be PISSED if you left my sister-in-law at the hospital to come to any event I had planned.

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