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Man learns MIL lied about dog allergies, gets wife a dog, now in-laws are upset.

Man learns MIL lied about dog allergies, gets wife a dog, now in-laws are upset.


Growing up my in-laws would not allow their children to have pets. They said it was because MIL was allergic. I grew up with two giant slobbering beasts. My brothers. The three of us each had a dog. We lived on a working farm and it was sort of expected of us.

I met my wife in university and the first time I met her parents she made me wash everything I was going to wear and keep it separate from my other clothes so it would not affect her mom.

Long story short. Her mom just hated animals. Not allergic at all. We have two children and unfortunately the complications from our last child means that she will literally be our last child unless we adopt.

Our baby just went into grade one and my wife works from home. She is lonely during the day and she said she wanted a dog.

So I got her a dog. One that she researched and approved of. He has hair rather than fur so he won't shed too much. We got him from a rescue and he seems very happy to be home with us. Our kids also like him very much.

My mother-in-law is pissed that, knowing her 'allergies', I would get a dog. She won't be able to come over to the house or have the kids come over because they will be covered in dog fur and dander.

It took everything I had not to call her a liar. But I held my tongue and just let it slide. Now I am hearing from her other kids who are saying that I keeping her away from her grandchildren and that I should get rid of the dog before my wife and kids get too attached. I want to tell them all that their mom lied, but my wife made me promise I would not.

For the record my wife already loves that mutt.

From the comments:

GlitterSparkleDevine asks:

'Long story short. Her mom just hated animals. Not allergic at all.'

How do you know that?

Unusual_Number6737 OP responded:

We had to give her a ride home one day in an emergency situation. My dog had been on my car. She didn't have any reaction. So I asked her of she was okay since she had dog hair on her.

She admitted the truth. I guess she was hurt by a dog when she was a kid and told everyone she was allergic because it was easier than saying she hates dogs. I didn't find out the day I met her.

fizzwitz asks:

How badly hurt was your MIL when she was a child?

I am leaning towards N A H. You and your wife are obviously not TA for getting a dog. I would almost call your wife TA for not adding her mother.

But I saw your comment that your MIL was hurt by a dog as a child. Depending on how bad it was, how it happened, and how she was supported afterwards, I can see that leaving a lifelong trauma. The kind that needs therapy to heal.

Unusual_Number6737 OP responded:

I don't know. She has a scar on her lip but I don't know if it's from what happened.

Aromatic-Ferret-4616 says:

MIL going to F@#K over another generation, is she?

Unusual_Number6737 OP responded:

Not mine.

KeyAmazing3814 says:

I know this will be buried, but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU FOR ADOPTING A SHELTER ANIMAL we need more people that do so.

Unusual_Number6737 OP responded:

I got super lucky to find a young dog that met our criteria.

CinnamonBlue says:

NTA. You gained a dog and lost an MIL. Fair swap.

hansdieterkarl added:

One could say, that he 'traded up'.

AdCold5621 says:

Even if she was allergic you're NTA. She could just take allergy medicine. That aside, your wife needs to be the one to deal with this situation if she isn't willing to tell the truth.

Whatever you do, don't get rid of the dog.

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