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Mom upset son didn't bring grandson to her birthday; over 5k people call her an AH.

Mom upset son didn't bring grandson to her birthday; over 5k people call her an AH.


"AITA for getting in a big argument with my son about him not bringing over my grandson to my birthday party?"

My son came to see me on my 55th birthday, but didn’t bring my grandson who was born about a week before. This hurt my feelings as I was only able to see him the day he was born. We got in a rather big fight and I kicked him out and just told him to leave.

I felt bad and texted him and apologized the next day. Then I had family over from out of state a few days later and had told them they’d be able to see the baby, but when I told my son they were over, he didn’t he even come. My family was very disappointed.

Also the day the baby was born, I asked my son if my brother and his wife (also from out of state) could stop by and see them. He said no to this too. We’ve had multiple arguments about this over text. He said his wife was really struggling after having the baby as an excuse to not allowing anyone over.

I just don’t see their side. If they didn’t want anyone over, they could’ve just come to our house. I’ve only seen my 3 month old grandson 2 times since he was born. They are keeping me from my only grandson all because of that one fight that I apologized for.

They spend time with my sons in laws though, they get to see the baby all the time. I feel like they choose them over us. All I wanted was for my family I don’t get to see often to meet my grandson and my daughter in law and to spend time with my son.

Here's what people had to say to OP:

Michelle N.

YTA. You’re pushing boundaries and saying “MY grandson” while not recognizing he’s THEIR son. Give them a minute to get used to being parents, they will need your help and will reach out if you stop being so overbearing. You don’t get to make promises on their behalf either, and I would totally not go along with any of those plans if you were my mother.

Tonya B.

You're the reason people go NC with their NM all the time. I'm sure you're not gonna know what those 2 things mean but Google it. YTA!!!

Cecily D.

Sorry, honey—it’s totally you.

Jayne Garren

OMG you are the definition of toxic! Yes, you are absolutely TAH!!!!!! The baby is a week old, no vaccines yet, and you want that baby brought into a crowded party. During flu season. Wtf is wrong with you? Doctors advice staying home with baby for the month or those first vaccines are given.

Amanda G.

The reaction to your post didn’t turn out the way you expected, did it? Yes, YTA. Some women struggle more than others after having a baby, physically, emotionally and mentally, in various ways. You act like you are entitled to command appearances. Throwing your son out of your home just because you didn’t get your way?

So, he didn’t force his wife to pack up herself and the baby and come with him so that the baby could come along, a week after birth. Their lives do not revolve around you, they revolve around their child. I would imagine there is a reason your son has taken his family low contact with you.

K. G.

Lol no they're keeping your grandson away from you because of your entitlement. Your daughter in law is still recovering from PUSHING A HUMAN OUT OF HER BODY.

Not only that, but your grandchild is currently INCREDIBLY vulnerable to disease-and you want to expose him to a bunch of people who are from out of state, in a crowd? You want your daughter in law to breastfeed around this crowd as she's still adjusting to being a mom?

You told the family they could see your grandchild without asking your son FIRST? You act entitled to your grandson, and I'm sure you act entitled in other areas of your life, which is probably why your son doesn't want his child around you. You're not just an AH. You're an ENTITLED AH.

Samantha S.

At least you did one thing right: raise your son to set up healthy boundaries and to not take s&^t from anyone.

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