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Mom wants to spend extra day at Disney without stepkids; says 'I can’t afford 4 tickets'

Mom wants to spend extra day at Disney without stepkids; says 'I can’t afford 4 tickets'


'AITA for wanting to only take my child for an extra Disney day?'

This is my baby’s 1st birthday trip. My significant other has 4 other (teen) kids. He bought tickets to one park for all of us, but said he only wants to do one park because tickets are too expensive for him to buy another days worth for everyone.

However, I really wanted to take my baby to two parks. I’m thinking of buying a ticket and taking my baby by myself since this is the trip for his birthday. And he’s free, so I would only have to pay for me.

His older two (18+) can buy their own tickets as they work, it’s just the younger two. I feel like they have two parents who can buy their tickets for them…? Or at least go half with me. I can’t afford four extra tickets on my own.

So, AITA? This is my first (& only) child and since baby’s birth was really traumatic for us both I really wanted to make his day special even if he can’t remember it.


We have been dating 3 years, so no I don’t call them my children because I have not participated in raising them at all. Calling children you have not raised is extremely weird and uncomfortable to me.

idc if he cant remember, babies still deserve to have fun and at least have those photo memories. I value all of the pics I have from when I was a baby and my mom took me places. 🤗

Already been to theme parks and had a fun time! Key is a good stroller.

I know he won’t remember. He won’t remember a lot of things. Should I never do anything special or fun for him until he’s able to remember? Should I return all of his Christmas gifts and his birthday gifts since he won’t remember and just lock him in a closet until he’s 5?

I can acknowledge the fact that it is a group trip and I'm going off by myself. I would like for everyone to come but I can’t afford to buy tickets for everyone. I was just considering it but I guess now lmao


gritty_rox writes:

Have you been to Disney? Bc it sounds like you think it’s just a regular amusement park

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

I’ve been 8 times.

Then_Medium_3208 writes:

You sound very childish

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

Quite possibly.

Then_Medium_3208 writes:

You really have the maturity of your 1 year old child , I understand better why you wanna hang out only with him 💋

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

Ooo a mom wants to hang out with her child, what a burn 🫡

savagemama89 writes:

You literally posted and commented last month that you wanted all of them out of the house and that you wished it was just you, your husband, and your baby. You don’t like them and you are the evil stepmother.

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

That’s not what I said. I said it’s supposed to be 50/50 split yet we don’t get any breaks and I’m overstimulated and I wish we got a week of silence, the same way their mom has gotten virtually all year of silence even though she lives down the fucking street lmao.

chillyfeets writes:

YTA. Your baby is not even going to bloody remember this. They’re going to be tired and cranky the entire trip. Why subject him to this? Based on all your replies in here, you are far too immature to have had children. Sadly it’s too late.

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

Tired and cranky!!! My kid is an energy monster lmao and loves disney movies he’s gonna have a blast!!

pixp85 writes:

why is a 1 year old watching movies?

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

Ummm because that’s life with the family madrigal, duh. 🎶

stainglassaura writes:

Why did you want advice? You clearly thinking everythings a joke and amusing and you're just laughing your way through all these replies and not being constructive at all. 🙄

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

Lmao I’m giving you the same energy you give back. I have taken constructive criticism from other people who were respectful and could actually hold a conversation with opposing views like an adult. You were rude so yea idc.

Boop7482286 writes:

YTA this is so dumb…. Babies don’t have any memories until they’re 2.5-3 y/o

itsokaythrowawayy OP responded:

I mean duh but should I never take my kid to do anything fun or buy my kid anything fun until they can remember ?

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