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Mother-in-law kicks out rude DIL over her 'jealousy' about MIL being a housewife. 'AITA?'

Mother-in-law kicks out rude DIL over her 'jealousy' about MIL being a housewife. 'AITA?'


"AITA for telling my DIL that she isn’t welcome in my home due to her jealously about me being a housewife?"

Here's the story:

I am a housewife now, I was a stay at home mom when my kids were young and now that everyone is out of the home I am a housewife. The moment I met Beth, she has had a problem with me. The first time I met her and I told her I am a homemaker, she told me that’s not a job and it’s lazy of me. I met her 30 minutes before that.

It comes up all the damn time, they come over for dinner and I mention I am tired and she will tell me I don’t work so how am I tired. I have talked to her and my son before. My husband and I have concluded that she is jealous. It’s the only thing that makes sense at this point.

I have told her if it happens again I will ask her to leave and the comments stopped for a bit. They were over for a dinner party and I was talking about how I made the pie for tonight. Beth made a comment that of course I had enough time since I don’t work.

I had enough and told her I had enough. I get that her is jealous of me since she has to work but she needs to get out and she is not welcome back. My son and her called me a jerk for kicking them out.

Edit: Not working doesn’t equal lazy. I am not loafing around the house all day. I get up do all the chores, take care of all the paperwork, go for gym, take the dogs out, make homemade meals everyday, volunteer and so on. Lazy would be chilling in front of the tv all day. Not having the home spotless and having my husband have no worries about anything that isn’t work related

Humble-Ad-8912 said:

NTA, Beth sounds obnoxious. For info, how old is she? She sounds like a teenager.

OP responded:


Dimpo0215 said:

INFO - have you asked her or your son what her issue with it is? I know that you've surmised that it's jealously on her part and that's likely true but I'm just interested to know if you've had a direct conversation to ask her why she thinks it's appropriate to make comments about your life when it's really none of her concern.

I get wanting to have your own career and not be reliant on a partner but it's really weird for her to keep pushing her opinions on you like this. NTA obviously. But posts like this fascinate me as I just can't fathom having the cheek to keep doing something like this. Especially with my MIL.

OP responded:

She always says it true so why can’t she say it. Never got a solid answer why she wants to make comments

Temporary_Ticket3670 said:

NTA. House wife is a hard job and taking care of them was a great job, if she’s jealous and is saying this to try and let your son knows she doesn’t wanna work she’s gotta talk to him. Son is YTA I don’t understand how he is calling you a jerk and didn’t see in issue in standing up for you. Speak to him first maybe on the issue but you should not be disrespected in your own home.

atealein said:

NTA. Regardless of your life choices and if she is jealous or not, she is showing you disrespect. And your son is not intervening in this. You don't have to interact with people that don't show you respect, so your reaction is quite reasonable.

Applesbabe said:

NTA. But in all seriousness this is an issue your son needs to address with his wife. It is childish and immature and he should be the one to deal with her attitude.

AdAccomplished6870 said:

She was warned. She was rude. She was kicked out. What did she expect was going to happen. Now, you can approach this constructively with your son and ask him if there is something going on with her that you can help with, but make it clear that her rudeness will not be tolerated.

Do you agree with commenters that this MIL is justified in kicking out her son and his 'jealous' wife? How would you handle this situation?

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