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New mom and baby get woken up during Thanksgiving; she demands everyone leave.

New mom and baby get woken up during Thanksgiving; she demands everyone leave.


'AITA for kicking my sister out on thanksgiving after she repeatedly woke the baby?'

This happened last week and my mom and sister are still upset. My wife gave birth a month ago. We usually do Thanksgiving at my moms house but with the new baby we decided to do it at our house this year with mom and sister coming over early to cook.

Baby had a terrible night the night before Thanksgiving. When my mom and sister came over to cook I warned them that baby and wife were finally sleeping so please be quiet. My sister repeatedly made noise and woke up baby multiple times I kept warning her. She said she wasn’t trying to make a lot of noise and was just cooking and was trying to be as quiet as she could.

By the third time my wife was in tears and so was baby my wife flipped and demanded I get everyone out of the house. I didn’t want to kick my mom out, but since sister was the one making the noise I told her to just leave before my wife lost it more.

She argued with me but eventually left and my mom went with her. They ended up going to a restaurant to eat. We ordered take out and a lot of the uncooked food went to waste.

Wife is still upset because she thinks they should have been more considerate of baby and baby’s first Thanksgiving was ruined. Mom and sister are upset because they claim they were being quiet as they could and we kicked them out anyway.

Here's what people had to say:

Mabelisms writes:

YTA for: inviting people to cook thanksgiving dinner at your house, with an infant, and expecting them to make zero noise, like, literally WHAT the hell.

thoog93 writes:

We invited my family over for thanksgiving and my daughter was just under 2 months old. Did I get upset when my toddler niece yelled and woke her up? No…. Because I invited them over. I would never invite family over and expect it to be silent, even if they’re adults. You can try as much as you like but life makes noise

RakeishSPV writes:

Especially when they're cooking a massive meal. Cooking a lot of stuff silently is not really a thing.

TailorSwish writes:

Also why did uncooked food go to waste? Why couldn’t OP finish the cooking while the wife and the baby were resting ?

paspartuu writes:

This is what pissed me off too! Like what, you can't refrigerate / freeze some prepped stuff and put the stuff that can't be refrozen in the oven and incorporate it into other meals?

rubykowa writes:

YTA. When people say life changes after having a baby, this is a part of it. You need to plan and accept that things won't always go to plan!

Think ahead and problem-solve. And don't jump to blaming others for a situation you created! If you want to host/go to gathering, there are things to help promote sleep.

white noise machine

ear plugs for the mom

portable blackout curtains

baby banz headphones

LimitlessMegan writes:

Also: Learn to cook yourself. Have people bring potluck. Order a pre-made meal/main. Do a non-traditional take out

Bryllya writes:

Just to add - pretty good idea to make normal noise while baby is sleeping because if you always make things 100% silent for baby, they will never sleep well without. Live your life and let your baby learn to be flexible.

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