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No one helps stepdad during family emergency; he says they're 'selfish' and 'unfeeling.'

No one helps stepdad during family emergency; he says they're 'selfish' and 'unfeeling.'


'AITA for calling my husband unreasonable for canceling the holiday trip just because me and the kids couldn't help him in an emergency?'

My husband and I have been together for 4 years. I have two kids (17m /19f) from a previous marriage, and their half brother is 3 years old.

This past week my husband had an emergency (his dad had a medical emergency) and wanted someone to watch our son. He asked my older son and he refused because he was going out with friends. He also asked my daughter, but she locked herself in her room to study.

I was at the restaurant with my brother meeting his girlfriend for the first time. My husband ended up taking our son with him to the hospital and his mom watched him from there.

He came home and was lashing out on everybody, calling us selfish and unfeeling. I tried to explain that the kids were busy, but he told me to get the f out with that bull because my older son could've skipped the hangout and watched his brother and, my daughter could've watched her brother while studying instead of locking herself in her room.

He scolded me as well but I told him I couldn't leave lunch with my brother since he was visiting town and this was my only chance to meet his girlfriend. He yelled some more than told us that he was canceling the family holiday trip for Christmas this year.

The two older kids were upset and said it was unfair. I called him unreasonable to cancel the trip and punish the kids (and possibly me) like that. he refused to discuss it later. Now me and the kids aren't speaking to him and he's saying 'good riddance'

Edit: My husband was supposed to watch our son at the time. That's why I went to see my brother at the restaurant. The kids aren't used to watching their brother when neither parent is home.

Here's what people thought in the comments:

Alarming_Reply_6286 writes:

YTA Let’s fix the title of your post:

My husband canceled our holiday trip because my kids & I are unreasonable & he just found out that we couldn’t care less about him or his family

CurlsintheClouds writes:

If I were the 17 or 16-year old, I would have been EXPECTED to help out. Even the THOUGHT of saying no would never have crossed my mind. OP, YTA. And you're raising your kids to be that way too.

Accomplished-Ad-9996 writes:

I’m 17, my dad had some medical problems earlier this year and had a hospital stay. I stayed with my brother while my mom took my dad to the doctor. OP and her kids just do not care about this dude at all and it shows.

richf3 writes:

I literally got a call while having brunch with my gf’s at the literal only time we could all meet and my husband needed to see who could watch our children because his father had to be taken to the ER. I didn’t even hesitate and was like “I’m hauling my ass home now!” I love my father in law so it’s crazy to me she couldn’t tear herself away like what in the world!

Eastern_Effective_87 writes:

I can not believe that during a family emergency, you turned your back on your spouse. You should have talked to your brother. Left your son with his uncle if he's trustworthy and accompanied your spouse to the hospital.

Did you leave your son in the care of a women who's spouse was having a medical emergency so you could eat lunch? Are his parents married?

The entitlement and disregard of your children is alarming to me. Not only would I cancel the trip but I would cancel the marriage.

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