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Man calls pregnant fiancée an 'a-hole' for not naming son 'Junior' after him.

Man calls pregnant fiancée an 'a-hole' for not naming son 'Junior' after him.


Embracing family traditions can bring us closer to our relatives, or tear each other apart. So you have to decide, which traditions are worth fighting for?

When a expectant father-to-be had a disagreement with the mother-to-be, he decided not to compromise, but instead find validation from Reddit. But then he got something else, entirely...

'AITA (Am I the a-hole) for telling my fiancé my son must be named a REAL junior?'

u/SuggestionNo7429 posts:

AITA? My fiance is pregnant and when we found out its a boy we decided to make him my junior. My name starts with the letter D so his name is gonna be “D____ Junior”.

My fiance said she can agree to name him my name but doesn't want to add the Junior on the birth certificate because she hates the nickname “DJ” which my family has already started calling him.

Sounds like she has a legit reason, then.

I got mad and said in order for him to be a real junior he has to actually have junior in the name and to get over the nickname.

Is that actually true?

I think having the option for both a full name and a nickname is nice but she's refusing to include the Junior to the name and said I'm not compromising.

She got upset herself and said that she already agreed to make him a Junior by using my name and I'm an a-hole.

I told her she's the a-hole since she doesn't want to include the Junior all over a dumb nickname she doesnt have to use. AITA (Am I the a-hole)?

Since she already agreed to name the son after his first name, is OP choosing a weird hill to die on? Or do you think he has a point?

Reddit said NOPE and ruled YTA (you're the a-hole).

shadow-foxe says:

YTA- the whole Jr thing is so cringe. Just screams ego. He will already have your name, so you need to compromise to the no Jr thing.

phemailleprohblemm comments:

Also if his fiance hates the nickname DJ, has OP told his family to stop calling him that or does the whole family think the mom who carried the baby every day for 9 months should get over it and let everyone ignore what she wants? The disrespect this family is showing this woman, yikes.

EvilFinch writes:

I feel so bad for the child. All the legal shit because to people with the same name exists and also live under the same address. Would be great if he would be born on OPs birthday, haha. YTA Let the child have their own identy , with their own name.

whatissevenbysix points out:

Plus, decisions like these should always be yes only if two yeses and no even if only one no. The fact that OP says *my* son, not *our* son, in itself says a lot. OP, YTA.

Then DJ_HouseShoes has some news for OP:

YTA and wrong. 'Junior' isn't supposed to be a part of someone's actual name. If it was, then your son would have a different last name than you, you realize? He'll become a Junior by being the second oldest in the family with that name. Assuming you die before he does, he'll be elevated to Senior. And, if he were to name his son the same name, then that son would be both Junior and the III.

To put it plainly: designations such as I, II and III stay the same forever, but Senior and Junior change according to who is alive. Of course, some people put Junior on a birth certificate and you could point to that as evidence of your claim. But those people are stupid.

What do you think?

Should OP ease up on his pregnant partner and see that she's already compromised for him? Or should he keep demanding that his son be a REAL Junior until she eventually leaves him and names the kid something else entirely?

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