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Girl asks if she went too far protecting special needs sister from TikTok prank.

Girl asks if she went too far protecting special needs sister from TikTok prank.


I (18f) have a sister (15f). My sister is special needs and is bullied pretty often. No one messed with her last year because I was there, but now that I’ve graduated the bullying’s come back.

On TikTok, there’s this trend where high school kids will interview people at school and ask dumb questions. Sometimes it’s all jokes, sometimes they’re clearly making fun of the person they’re interviewing.

So these 4 boys in my sister’s grade came up to her, asked her name. They then asked her who the hottest guy in the school was. She said a boy. They then asked the boy if he knows my sister. He made a face but said yes. They then asked if he’d date her. He went “EW WTF” and they all busted out laughing.

The comments were really cruel towards my sister and someone sent it to her and she’s been in her room crying for days. I’ve tried everything to comfort her but she keeps telling me to go away. She hasn’t gone to school since the tiktok was posted.

I was pissed. One of the boys is my friend’s little brother and I go over to her house pretty often. I saw all the boys (including the kid that said ew wtf) in their basement and I just felt an immense amount of rage.

My friend noticed and took me upstairs and we decided to bake cookies for my sister. They’re her favourite. Maybe the boys smelled it but they came up and one of them reached to grab one and I immediately went “f**k no.”

They all asked why and kept saying that they wanted just one each but I told them that I’m not giving my cookies to their ugly a**es. They all went “wtf is ur issue” and I just told them that they’re really lucky that my sister has a heart of gold.

It finally clicked and they all started getting defensive saying that I’m overreacting, everyone does it, what did I expect him to say, did I want him to lie, did I want him to give her false hope, it’s just a joke, it’s just a dumb tiktok.

After some back and forth, they deleted the tiktok. Then asked for cookies again but I still said no. They said I’m really f**king annoying and then they told on me to my friend who thankfully just told them to f**k off. She did say that I should give them some slack since they did delete it but I’m completely in the right for not giving them the cookies.

I checked their tiktok just to make sure it was deleted and I saw a pinned comment on another post basically calling me a crazy b**ch. Lots of people agree and my other friends say that it’s just a trend and everyone does it. AITA?


sunfloweries says:

I do this. no one i'm friends with has ever done anything like this. you don't do this. your friend, i'm assuming, doesn't do this.

so how does 'everyone' do this? come on. you know you're not an asshole.

throw___away390 OP responded:

This trend is VERY common among high school students. Almost everyone around like maybe 19/18 and under knows about this trend. I’m seriously not exaggerating. If you go into a high school you will see at least one or two groups of ppl walking up to ppl and interviewing them for tiktok.

Various_Counter_9569 says:

Did you report them to school officials? If not, please do.

throw___away390 OP responded:

This wouldn’t work. I know a lot of people are saying to do this but unless the bullying is “obvious” the school won’t do shit. There’s also the fact that these boys are all athletes, well liked etc so if people find out that I went to the school they (not just the boys-EVERYONE) will make life so much worse for my sister.

Financial_Tax1060 replied:

We’re trying to convince you that it’s not an acceptable argument to ever use. “Everyone does it”.

PrincessFrostii says:

F**k no you're not TA. Also I would like a link to this comment video. Because I, however, am an AH, a big one. 😁

throw___away390 OP replied:

Lol they’ve sent their account to private. And they’ve also clearly stated the name of the school they go to like a thousand times so unfortunately I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

CapsFan1066 says:

NTA. Next time save the proof if you can and then as someone else said go to the administration. Thank you for sticking up for your sister. Your sister is lucky to have a 'crazy' person (not going to say the other word) in her corner.


Moi-Manda_Mandy says:

NTA. They were cruel, they're facing a minimal consequence. The world will hit them hard.

My_Panache says:

NTA- you're not crazy for protecting your sibling. They just can't take accountability and have decided to call you names instead.

GardenerCats says:


But I thank my lucky stars I grew up in the 80s/90s, cyber bullying is just so destructive. Hope you sister gets some support from her school.

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