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Woman refuses to share hotel room with nephew; says, 'I'd be stuck babysitting.'

Woman refuses to share hotel room with nephew; says, 'I'd be stuck babysitting.'


'AITA for not wanting to share a hotel room with my nephew while on vacation'

Alright so this happened not too long ago. I, F20, go on a vacation with my family each year. This year my family and I went to the beach and I was really looking forward to it as I haven't really gotten to spend time with my family since I started college as I'm always busy.

A few days beforehand my mother tells me that my nephew, 5, is also going to be on the trip which was fine with me as I see him less than my siblings and I told her that it was fine with me, although I don't really have much of a say as he isn't my child.

So everything is going good on the flight to the beach and everything up until we get to the hotel. When we get to the hotel they give us the room numbers and the keys.

When we all go up to the floor, we were all staying on the same floor and rooms nearby each other, my mother and father go to their room, sister and her husband go to their room with my nephew and brother and his BF go to their room.

While I'm settling into my room with my BF I get a knock on my rooms door and its my sister and nephew with all his stuff. She tells me that he's staying with me in the hotel, which I wasn't expecting and honestly not okay with as I felt like it was just them dumping him on me as I'm only 20 and everyone else is over the age of 21 so they can drink and party.

I call my mother over as she's the one who really made the rooming arrangements and she said that when she called me she figured me saying I didn't mind my nephew coming along meant that I was fine with him staying in my hotel room.

I told them no I was not okay with that and it should have been clarified with me as I thought he was just coming along on the trip. My BF said he didn't mind sharing the room and he'd even sleep in the chair in the room.

I ask why he can't stay with them and they say that it's because they only have the queen sized bed in their room and I have the room with the two twin sized beds.

We got into an argument over the fact that he wasn't even my child and that I'd be stuck on babysitting duty by accepting this and not enjoy my time or spend time with my BF or other family members, my BF is 22 so he would most likely be with my brother drinking, which I'm fine with. So AITA?

Q&A with OP:

CakeEatingRabbit asks:

Why would your bf offer to sleep on a chair if there are two beds? Why didn't you just switched rooms with your sister? NTA but weird

Lexi_J_L OP responded:

Because it's 2 twin sized beds and my nephew would need a bed to sleep in. My BF and I would not be able to share a small twin sized bed, so he offered to sleep in the chair so my nephew could have a bed.

winesis jumped in:

No there is already 2 of you in your room. If your nephew needs a bed he can sleep with his parents or on a roll away in their room. A 5 yo could sleep on a chair more comfortably than an adult. Their kid, their problem. NTA



This was intentional. Stand your ground, OP, or this will happen again. NTA and have fun on your vacation!


Definitely a lame excuse because NO ONE would think that if nephew (or niece) is coming on a trip with their parents that same nephew would not be staying with their parents. Especially one that young. OP is totally an unpaid babysitter.


NTA. Poor kid! I hope this argument wasn't in front of him. How selfish of your mom and sister to wait until hotel time to tell you. Seems like 1) they see you as a free baby sitter or 2) they want to prevent your 1:1 time with your boyfriend.

Glittering-Word-1051 writes:

NTA - I agree with you. I think it was really underhanded on their part. The hotel may have a trundle bed they can set up for the kid in his parents room.

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