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Son curses out his mom after she insults his girlfriend in public.

Son curses out his mom after she insults his girlfriend in public.


A man torn between two women in his life came to Reddit for advice. Here is his story and the top responses, but you decide who the as*hole is for yourself:

AITA (Am I the as*hole) or yelling at my mom for making fun of my girlfriend?

u/Suitable_Cheek_5008 writes:

I (23) male has a very shy and fidgety girlfriend. My mom does not like her for some reason first she made fun of my girlfriend for being chubby but ever since she found out about her disabilities and anxiety, she’s been trying to attack.

My girlfriend likes nomming on stuff it calms her down. One of the things she noms on is my arm, I think it’s adorable it doesn’t hurt and she looks cute while doing it.

Well last week we went to a family gathering at my moms house she gave a smug look to my girlfriend but we ignored it. Like I said my girlfriend gets anxious so she was wrapped around me the entire night. My mom HATED this, saying rude things to her and basically catching a fit.

Well in comes my girlfriends tiny noms and cuddles, to which I’m happily accepting on the couch. My mom laughs and says “she’s so fat she’s trying to eat you” and I had enough, yelling at her to shut up and stay out of it. She tried to argue back but I called her a b*tch and left with my girlfriend.

I got called an as*hole by my stepdad and grandparents, some aunts and uncles. But other than that the rest of the family is on my side. Also my girlfriend isn’t even ugly she literally has modeled which is why my mom envies her. So AITA (Am I the as*hole)?

There is ... a lot to process here. So, what do you think? Is the as*hole the mom, OP, or his girlfriend?

Reddit was pretty much just obsessed with / grossed out by the 'nomming' thing. Here are the top comments:

Undercovertwat says:

ESH? (Everyone sucks here) I think? You and gf much less so. Your mom is obviously an asshole for her behavior, like full stop. Fat shaming and bullying are as*hole behavior. And you weren’t an as*hole to shut her down, hard.

However, “nomming” on you in public is NOT appropriate at all. It’s honestly off-putting and gross to watch someone use another human being as a chew toy and slobber on their arm. And you and gf are both slight ahs for forcing the rest of your family to watch that.

SuperTwinMom suggests:

I have anxiety myself and twins with autism so I understand better than most but that behavior will be misunderstood in public. Your mom deserved everything she got but help your girl out and go online and order her an Ark therapeutic chew. They are heavy duty chew toys for adults basically designed for people that need to nom.

usernameandsomeno writes:

I think op is a bigger a-hole than gf. It goes mom, op, gf for me. Op let the comments go so far his gf felt the need to start nomming. Mom had the opportunity to insult her the whole evening when it should've been nipped in the butt at the first comment.

Op might find it cute when his girlfriend is so anxious she feels the need to never leave his side and attach herself to him, but it's not cute at all, it's just sad that she's not comfortable around his family and depending on him.

ParsimoniousSalad rules:

ESH. (Everyong sucks here) Your mother is the worst for bullying and being abusive toward your girlfriend. She should be mature enough to have learned how to be civil even when she doesn't like someone. You don't need to echo her abuse with abusive language of your own. Don't lower yourself to her level. Good for you for leaving, though.

And your girlfriend really needs to learn when it's appropriate to 'nom' on you and when it's not. It's a personal display of intimacy that comes across as a childish performance in public. It imposes a quasi-sexual act on everyone around you without their consent. She needs to figure out a better way to handle her anxiety that wrapping herself around you and suckling on you.

Well, there you have it!

No sympathy for the nommer. OP may not have been the as*hole, but he certainly was one.

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