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Parents call son 'jerk' for using china cabinet to store games; he calls them 'boomers.'

Parents call son 'jerk' for using china cabinet to store games; he calls them 'boomers.'


'AITA for repurposing my parents china cabinet after they would not take no for an answer?'

I am one of those terrible millennials that is ruining everything. My parents downsized their house after my sister moved out and they 'gifted' my their china, silverware, and china cabinet.

I didn't want that stuff. I have a house where there is more likely to be a board game tournament than a fancy dinner party. They insisted that I should have it. Fine. I boxed up the china and put it up in the attic. I will bring it down if the king ever comes over to play Dungeons and Dragons. The cutlery too.

The china cabinet I actually found a use for. It is the perfect place to store my games. They don't get dusty and the glass doors let me see what is there when I have people over. My parents came by this weekend and they freaked out that I am using a $$$$ cabinet to store my childish games.

I offered to return it to them if it is really an issue. Or give it to my sister. But she lives with three roommates in Portland. Not sure they have room. They want me to use it to display the dishes and s**t. I thought I compromised enough by not just selling it or giving it away.

They think I am being an ungrateful and spoiled jerk. I think they are Gen Xers that may as well be boomers for how they think. AITA?

Here's what people had to say to OP:

morgaine125 says:

I was reading this I thought to myself, “what self-respecting Gen X has a china cabinet?”

alicesheadband says:

I got the China without the cabinet and that crap is put away in a cupboard until I get around to valuing it and putting it on Ebay. I should do that before the Boomers all disappear because I cannot imagine a single Gen Xer paying good money for this rubbish.

Librarianni saus:

Another millennial, I have multiple sets of china, crystal, and silver, and I use it! Why should I use ugly plates when there’s pretty ones just sitting in the cabinet? Also, why should I go out and buy new ugly plates when I got 30+ for free?

etrunk8 says:

NTA. I expected to see that you painted it or disassembled it. It's meant to be a cabinet, and if it works to hold games, then it's perfectly reasonable. (IMO China cabinets are great to store games).

1568314 says:

'ungrateful and spoiled jerk.' You have to be pretty ungrateful and spoiled to think you can store your useless junk in someone else's home and demand that it be displayed there to your liking because you no longer want it cluttering up your own home. NTA

Kathrynlena says:

Hahaha exactly!! “Here’s some old junk I don’t want anymore. How dare you not revere it as it deserves?!”

Baker921 says:

This is literally the boomer mentality in a nutshell comment

gwacemom says:

Gen X here, people my age have China cabinets? NTA. They gave it to you, do with it as you please.

certainkindoffool says:

I have one. It is filled with liquor. Glass doors are great.

StarFaerie says:

I'm Gen X and I've seriously been looking at getting one to store my board games.

killyergawds says:

I love my china cabinet. After I painted it black and replaced the knobs and pulls with crystal skulls. But I'm a millennial.

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