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Teen gives stepdad prank Christmas gift; stepdad responds, 'pay your own tuition.'

Teen gives stepdad prank Christmas gift; stepdad responds, 'pay your own tuition.'


This isn't a stepdad, it's the dad that stepped up — and back down, on all his stepson's hopes and dreams. Sitting around the Christmas tree, one stepdad opened a mean-spirited gift and reacted with zero hesitation. Now, he's wondering if he did the right thing. On Reddit, he asks:

"AITA for officially canceling my stepson's college fund over his Christmas gift that he got me?"

To preface, I wanna start off by mentioning that me and my 16 yo stepson (Ricky) do not get along. He's made it clear he has one father and isn't interested in having a relationship with me be it bad or good he just doesn't care at all. He's one of the weirdest kids I'd ever met.

After selling the land I inherited from my dad, my wife managed to convince me to start a college fund for Ricky. I wasn't sure of it til I noticed how he'd sometimes 'tolerate me' just because of it.

So I went ahead and opened that fund and started adding money to it here and there. We still get into a lot of arguments but at least he'd say sorry sometimes.

At Christmas I was excited when I found out that he cared enough to get me a gift. All went well til I opened it. Turns out he took a picture of his middle finger, printed it out and folded it and put it in a box and decorated the box with decorative paper.

I was floored. Especially when he began laughing along with some of my in-laws. I was pissed I asked if he would still find it funny if I decide to cancel his college fund because of what he did.

His response was this 'what did you think? respect is earned not bought, a**hole!' I replied with 'okay, then spending money on you is obviously useless so I won't even bother...'

Then I announced in front of everyone that I had officially canceled his college fund. His mom freaked out and he got up and stormed off. A huge argument ensued and I was told I was wrong for reacting this way and for making a hasty decision over what my wife called 'fun prank'. Given Ricky's response, this was not a prank.

After, Christmas was ruined. My wife started arguing saying I'm taking the extreme route and warned me about further and permanent damage in my relationship with Ricky. She says he still wants the fund although he's acting like he doesn't care and is pressuring me to reconsider but I said I won't. AITA? Did I go too far?

Edit. I should probably also mention that everyone around Ricky complains about him acting out as well but when it comes to me, there's this unexplainable tension between us. He can be nice to me sometimes but still manages to call me a name or make a backhanded comment. They say it's his personality and who he is.

Here's how the crowd judged a situation that would make the Grinch swell with pride:

_makoccino_ writes:

'respect is earned'

So is college tuition, sh*tface. NTA.

epostiler writes:

He literally gift wrapped a public 'f*#k you' to humiliate you at Christmas. I don't see how you can make the relationship worse. NTA.

noworriesbee writes:

I'm not sure why she and bio dad couldn't create the college fund on their own. If he wants to have no relationship whatsoever with you, and can't even show a modicum of consideration or respect it is not your responsibility to help pay for his college. He's right, respect can't be bought. But rewarding bad behavior is never good either. NTA

Fit-Panda4903 writes:

NTA. Sorry but your stepson and in-laws sound rather despicable.

Not sure about your wife, it sounds like she is merely trying to ensure her son's future but her parenting does not seem to work so her son's future looks bleak with or without money.

ShesSensitive writes:

Why are you the one starting a college fund? His mother can't do it? So she let her son treat you like that and assume you'll have the kindness of giving YOUR money for her son? Why is she not asking the son's father for that?

And a happy New Year!

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