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Guy 'humiliates' stepmom in front of family after she trashes his siter.

Guy 'humiliates' stepmom in front of family after she trashes his siter.


We are all old and mature enough to know that 'the evil stepmother' trope is just that - a trope! But that doesn't mean every stepmom is a saint...

A young man came to Reddit after a huge family dispute to see whether he was the A-hole or not. You decide...

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for reminding my stepmother about how she really met my father?'

throwaway10392928 writes:

I (21M) was at my father's house. Most of my paternal family was there but the only people relevant to this situation are my dad (49M), his wife Sasha (39F), my sister Jasmine (18F) and her boyfriend Mike (21M).

Jasmine is my only full sister and we're extremely close. She's currently 3 months pregnant which obviously isn't ideal since she's only 18 but I'm going to support her regardless. I do not like her boyfriend but he's good to her and able to provide for her and the baby.

Sasha has always hated Jasmine. No one has any idea why and my dad prefers to ignore it.

After dinner, Jasmine, Mike, my dad, Sasha and I were clearly up when Jasmine suddenly felt nauseous and went to sit down. Mike went with her. This is when Sasha decided to begin talking badly about her for being a pregnant teen and for being unmarried.

She then started saying that she thinks that Jasmine got pregnant on purpose because Mike's family is wealthy which doesn't make any sense since our family is well-off too.

Sasha is known for saying horrible things to get a reaction so I was ignoring her (so was my dad) until she asked me how I felt about my younger sister having a child with someone older than me (literally only 4 months older than me).

At this point, I was done so I stopped washing the dishes and I told her to shut her mouth because she broke up my parents' marriage.

That's when my father finally decided to get involved but I went on and reminded Sasha of the fact that when Jasmine was little, she was in hospital a lot and she (Sasha) was one of the nurses that cared for her on the ward and she began an affair with my father.

I also decided to remind her of how her eldest child (my half sister) was born 8 months after she married my dad.

The situation devolved into shouting and turns out a lot of my paternal family didn't know the truth about how my dad and Sasha met. I ended up leaving and so did Jasmine and Mike and a few other people.

Now, my dad is demanding that I apologize to his wife for embarrassing her and making her look bad in front of the whole family. Now I want an unbiased view on whether or not I'm the AH for rising to my stepmother's bait (her insults to Jasmine) and going lower by exposing her. AITA (Am I the a-hole)?

Well, what do you think? Did OP take it too far, or did Sasha deserve to be reminded that her history isn't exactly squeaky clean?

Reddit ruled a hearty NTA (not the a-hole) and dragged Sasha across the internet.

Edge17777 says:

NTA. You were fine ignoring her. She then decided to drag you into the mess by explicitly asking for your opinion.

BoobootheOctopus agrees:

Your dad is an AH for lying and allowing her to disrespect his own daughter. Happy the family now knows and the fact your dad said she is embarrassed is her problem. Good for you now go NC or LC with both of them.

TackleHour4895 asks:

I’m concerned for her patients with her attitude. Does she talk about her patients like that? Is she one of those nurses that treats teen moms bad when they go to the hospital? Nobody deserves that.

OP answered:

Don't worry she doesn't work anymore, she quit after she got pregnant because my mom reported her to the hospital.

littlebitfunny21 writes an apology for OP:

'I would like to publicly apologize for drawing attention to the fact that Sasha used my little sister's hospital bed to hit on a married man. It was rude for me to point out that my father cheated on my mother and then had a marriage out of wedlock with his affair partner.

I should not have pointed out Sasha's hypocrisy towards my sister, nor should I have mentioned her irrational jealousy and cruelty towards [sister]. It was unkind to expect my father to protect his children from such treatment. I deeply regret my actions.'

Agreeable-Celery811 writes another one:

Call Dad out. He’s actually the biggest a-hole here.

“Dad, you sat by and watched while your wife called your daughter a whore and a gold digger. She insulted her for a 3-year age gap in her relationship when Sasha is 10 years younger than you. Why on earth would you let her say those things? Are you making her apologize to Jasmine?

What kind of father are you, that you would sit back and let your wife—who was literally Jasmine’s nurse in childhood—trash Jasmine the way she does? Not only am I not going to apologize, I’m going to make a promise. If I hear one more unkind word about my sister coming from either of your mouths, I won’t hold back. Enough is enough.”

To which OP responded:

hope you don't mind me stealing this to send to him.

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