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Guy asks for advice after stepsister moves in and tries to seduce him.

Guy asks for advice after stepsister moves in and tries to seduce him.


In a post on Reddit a guy asked for advice for how to deal with this very uncomfortable situation. Here's his story...

Here is some quick background: I am one and only child of my parents. When I was 10 my parents got divorced on good terms. After the divorce I stayed with my dad and my mom remarried with someone who I now call my step-father. Step-father had a daughter from his previous marriage named 'Laura'.

Now I have a pretty healthy relationship with my mom and step-father, but I was never close with Laura while growing up. I treated her like one of my other cousins. After some years I left my dad's house and moved states away to pursue my higher education. Now I currently live at my own apartment and work at a good company.

Now the situation: So last November my mom called me asking for letting Laura stay at my apartment, because she wanted to continue her education here. Now I have 3 bedrooms in my apartment and I would definitely have a roommate around.

So after she moved in everything was normal. She contributed in WiFi and electricity bills took out trash and even cleaned the house sometimes.

So after few months later I noticed some changes in her behaviour. She changed her taking tone to more cutesy. Gave me hugs while I went to work. At first I thought nothing of it and I was happy that me and her are getting closer.

Soon though she started wearing more revealing clothes while around the house which I ignored and did not judged. Also she started giving me random compliments here and there, which I did not minded back then.

She started initiating inappropriate conversations such as 'how does my butt looks in this dress?' ' Do you prefer clean shaven [deleted]'. At this point I knew something was up and she was crossing a line, so I started to avoid being around her and played games in my room.

Now back to yesterday. While I was using my phone sitting on the couch, she came towards me, started crying and confessed that she loved me and wished we were dating as a couple. I was taken aback and told her that I knew something was up with her all along and threatened her to tell our parents and kick her out.

We then argued about this for solid 15 min, I was trying to convince her that 'I was her brother', which she responded by saying 'but we are not blood related and you are not dating anyone'. I snapped and told her to leave for once. She then left for her room and I went to sleep.

I am typing this today after I woke up, she seems to have gone to her college. I need advice for fixing this mess without getting parents involved.


So after that day, I called my mom and told her everything. She did not believe me at first. Then I texted her everything small clips of surveillance footage, screenshots of texts with Laura before I blocked her. She was shocked and disgusted, the footage showed how inappropriate she was.

My mom then had a meltdown on the phone. Yes I feel sad for my mom, but I did not knew of any other way to deal with this situation. My mom always had an image of Laura as some innocent little child. She did scold me because I did not told her before. So at night I called her again now that she was calm. I told her to come over to my place, she agreed.

Meanwhile before my mom came, I avoided being with Laura as much as possible. I left early morning and came late to the house. I kept any conversations short and only had to deal with her few times. Yes Laura was sorry, she was apologetic.

She kept telling me she messed up. But I knew none of that and I just had enough of her. I wanted her to just leave. As much as I know Laura, she is very manipulative.

So now last Friday my mom came to my apartment. First thing she did after putting her bags down was to confront Laura. My mom and Laura had a big fight over this, so I left the apartment for a short while.

When I came back Laura was packing her stuff. My mom had booked a hotel room for her to stay for a day. Apparently she has been moved into a 'all girls hostel'.

Now currently I am asking my bio dad move in with me to satisfy a need for a roommate, as Laura has now gone.

'Now here are answers to some common questions I got on my post:'

1) Why I don't want to pursue romantic relationship with Laura?

She is my sister.

2) Is Laura beautiful?

Yes. But I don't see her anything more than a 'sister'.

3) Am I single?

I have started to see a girl.

4) Did I tell my parents about this?


5) Am I going to continue to keep contact with Laura?

Probably no.

6) Will this affect my relationship with my parents?

Yes. But I am sure they will get over it.

7) Why Laura acted this way towards me?

According to her I was a very gentle and supportive person to her. She developed crush feelings for me. But I think she did this because of the messy breakup she had.


People who said I did not give her a chance and just kicked her out. No I did give her chance, we did talk about this during lunch at one point. But she did not know what boundaries are. So I snapped at her.

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