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Teen makes bald joke after cousin body-shames her in front of his new GF, GF dumps him.

Teen makes bald joke after cousin body-shames her in front of his new GF, GF dumps him.


Nothing says "welcome to the family" like getting in a petty fight in front of your partner.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if she was wrong for mocking her cousin's bald patches in front of his new GF. She wrote:

"AITA for mocking my cousin's bald patches in front of his new GF, causing her to dump him?"

I'm 17F. My parents and I went to a dinner at my aunt's house. I didn't want to go because my 35-year-old cousin Jared likes to makes fun of my appearance. I'm tall and skinny. But dad convinced me to go. Jared was already at the dinner table and introducing his GF Melody to everyone. He surprisingly didn't make fun of me like he usually does when we first see each other.

Now I was told by Jared's sister, that Jared shaved all his hair off 2 years ago, because he was getting bald patches and was embarrassed about them. So anyway during dinner, Jared finally turned his attention to me at the time everyone was quiet and asked me loudly hey OP do you think you will ever put on some weight, you're starting to look anorexic. I just snapped and said I don't know?

Do you think you will ever grow hair where your bald patch spots are? He got angry and started cussing at me and I asked him if he had a spare brush for me, so I can brush my hair?! He was told to leave. So him and Melody left. Melody apparently broke up with him that night. Now I'm getting the blame. AITA?

The internet had OP's back all the way.

Significant_Cat_3 wrote:

NTA. Honestly, she probably broke up with him because it’s icky to watch a 35-year-old “adult” pick on a teenager. Plain and simple.

Biriquio wrote:

If she dumped him because of his bodyshaming a teenager, which is probably the actual reason (anorexia is not something to joke with, even less so when dealing with a teen), good for her. If she did because he’s getting bald it would be a pity because it would mean they truly deserved each other.

nonsensicaltexthere wrote:

NTA, his GF probably dumped him not because of the bald spots, but because your cousin was mortifyingly embarrassing. Body-shaming a teenager for no reason and when said teenager fired back with the easiest possible insult? He got angry and cussing and couldn't take it at all. And he is 35. So embarrassing. I'd leave this clown too.

shivroystann wrote:

He’s a 35-year-old man who picks on teenagers and is balding…he had to choose a struggle and couldn’t decide? NTA you’re not to blame because she gave him the ICK. If he ever chooses to pick on you again, at least you can throw this incident in his face and remind him you have the power to do it again.

OP is NTA in any way here, her cousin is a weird bully who got what was coming to him.

Sources: Reddit
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