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Teen decides to live with grandparents when parents announce divorce, mom lashes out.

Teen decides to live with grandparents when parents announce divorce, mom lashes out.


Drawing a line with someone who harms you can trigger some major backlash, but the backlash itself proves just how needed the boundary is.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if she's wrong for moving out of her parents' house while they get divorced, despite their protests. She wrote:

"AITA for moving out of my parents' house during their divorce?"

My parents got married young and had me in their teens I (15f) grew up as someone they blame their problems on and honestly, they act like I'm the cause of their divorce. My choice in the divorce was to live with my mom and do weekly visits to dad or vice versa but they pulled me aside and said I could also decide if I wanted to stay with my grandparents because they requested custody.

There is nothing I would want more than to live with them as they act more like my parents than my real ones. When my mom heard this, she got really upset at me and started calling me a b#$ch and an a$$hole and complaining that no one loves her. She called my grandparents and started at them too.

My dad is a drunkie and one of the only times he's sober, he tells me "you're a b#$ch like your mom and your going to hoe around and get pregnant by the time you're 16."

I of course got really upset and called the child service person and my grandparents to see if they could get custody. Well, they are and my parents are really upset over the whole thing especially cause they believe they haven't been ab*sive to me. I'm at my grandparents house officially now and they keep calling me to scream and curse and I feel really bad.

My grandma tells me that they are insecure and bad people but I think I am an AH for doing this to them. So long story short, I moved out and my parents keep calling me telling me to come back home because they think I'm a b#$ch for leaving them. I'm starting to think i was too harsh and some of my friends told me that I was being dramatic about it. Am I the AH?

The internet had nothing but support for OP.

Diligent-Mind-9370 wrote:

You’re NTA. Your parent’s marriage is not your problem and nothing that happens in it is your fault. You absolutely did the right thing by turning to your grandparents where you feel safe and loved.

MissionRevolution306 wrote:

NTA. You shouldn’t have to listen to their ab*sive messages. Tell your grandparents about the messages and they either get a restraining order or block them on your devices. Nothing is your fault- you’re the innocent in this situation. Good luck to you!

Gaiagaang wrote:

NTA. Verbal ab*se is still ab*se. I am glad you have your grandparents during this tough time. Please stay with them(your parents sound horrible) Don't be mean to yourself and think about you first. Much love and good luck! ❤️ And remember, you are NOT the reason for your parents' divorce nor their s#$ty decisions. Be kind to yourself!

CerberusTheHunter wrote:

NTA. I like your grandma, she seems wise.

BigComfyCouch4 wrote:

Oh, darlin', you have done absolutely nothing wrong. Please, please try to get those horrible words out of your head. You have grandparents who love you. You lived with ab*se from parents who should have loved you. NTA.

OP is the furthest from an AH here, she deserves the emotional safety of her grandparents.

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