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'Blonde, not brunette' teen ruins her hair; 'screams' at parents who try to help.

'Blonde, not brunette' teen ruins her hair; 'screams' at parents who try to help.


Being a teenager isn't easy, but neither is raising one.

A parent came to Reddit for advice on how to deal with an emergency that many of us have been through.

"AITA (Am I the A-hole)? Daughter dyed her hair badly and refuses to go to school."

u/painful_butterflies writes:

Can't believe this is happening but here we go. Daughter (14) has always been naturally blond, however the last few months brown hair has been coming through her roots.

She has asked us if she can dye it earlier this month. We said yes, but only if it's done professionally - an appointment is booked for 8th February, very popular salon with good reputation, meaning long wait times but if its being done its being done right.

Reason for this is both her, her sister and my wife have very sensitive scalps, last time older daughter used an at home kit it went badly wrong... doctors kind of wrong.

Youngest daughter was happy with this and agreed to wait, but this weekend went out with her friend and bought an at home kit, dying her hair at her friend's house without any adult assistance.

Well, now it's orange.

Sources: Reddit
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