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Teen suspects his mom might be having an affair, wonders if he should tell his dad. UPDATED

Teen suspects his mom might be having an affair, wonders if he should tell his dad. UPDATED


"Me 17M believe my mom 42F is having an affair with her personal trainer 27M I decided to play detective and got some info, but still not sure even though I feel pretty confident altough hestitant to tell my dad 44M since I really am not sure yet."

Here's the original post:

So yeah found this out since mom have started to act weird lately she started working out because she wanted to get into shape about a year ago she worked maybe once or twice a week but then she worked out from monday to saturday.

Nothing unusual but mom got very fit and she started getting attention from guys she was increasingly more happy which my dad had no problem with and seemed happy that she was happy.

Mom started acting kind of weird I asked dad before I found out if he felt mom had been acting weird and he brushed it off and just said she feels good about herself and genuienly was happy for her. Mom has been more affectionate and I was not sure what the hell was goin on she is not mom anymore and almost felt like she switched brains with somebody else.

It was getting disturbing and one day I got curious when she said she would late from work and frankly it had been bugging me for months, so decided to bike over one evening to where she was "working" the car was nowhere in sight, no lights in the building (her workplace has two floors) and even checked the local parking garage every damn floor no cars.

I decided to go home and could not sleep this was a friday and then on saturday I had confessed to a friend what I might be suspecting, he suggested I use the find my iphone app.

I asked mom if I could borrow her phone to look something up since mine was not charged she unlocked it and I enabled the app and she had her apple password stored on the computer, I used to be allowed to rent a movie on there when I was younger so I knew the password to her apple account.

Anyways she left for "work" praying she did not turn of mobile data I logged in and saw that the phone was nowhere near her workplace instead she was in a neighbourhood across town.

I googled the adress and found out a man lived there and searched for the name on FB one mutual friend guess who ? and saw he worked as a PT at the gym were my mom went. Now I was fairly certain that something was not right I screenshotted the find my iphone map and the information I had still no evidence she was actually cheating but I felt I had enough.

She had lied to dad about working late and what the fuck is she doing at her PT place on a saturday night. Should I tell dad about this and show him what I have now, or do I keep digging because I am fairly certain she is cheating I still have not confronted mom about it.

I am of course gonna tell him if that's the case but accusing mom of cheating when I am not a 100% sure, but what other possible reason could she have for lying to dad and then being at her PT on a saturday night when she was supposed to working late. And to all who judge me for digging nope not sorry, it was bugging me so badly I could not take it anymore.

Here's what top commenters had to say about it:

Admirable-Ad801 said:

You know what you are 17. People say you should keep digging. No. Go to your dad give him what you have and thats it. Its not your place to catch your mom banging her PT. Just give it over to your dad. Let him handle it.

AnxiousAd6311 said:

I wouldn’t have a conversation with your mum because 1 likely hood is she gaslight you. 2 it gives her time to make up a story. If you can I would show it live to your dad you could try a get more evidence just so your dad knows it’s not a one off

AnybodyFuzzy1113 said:

This is not a burden for you, tell dad dont tell mom and let them work it out. You're a good son for caring

Additional-Sport-836 said:

Worst case scenario, your dad buries his head in the sand about it, then your mom punishes you for being in her business. So just show him the sketchy behavior, and let him decide what to do. If you confront your mom, she's liable to fly into a rage.

He has since posted this update:

Hey everybody I decided to follow the advice and told my dad and showed him what I had of evidence, mom came home and decided to let dad take it from here. She admitted to the affair and I told mom what my role in all of this was and that I had suspected something was off for quite awhile.

I told dad he suspected something was off but I was the one who told him. Dad was very calm no yelling or screaming he just calmly asked her what she wanted (yes I was listening) and then she said she wanted to try to save the marriage.

She came up and talked to me and I admitted my role in all of this and how I had suspected something was off for quite awhile, told her I was sorry but you were acting very strangely and it was driving me nuts.

Mom just asked me why I did all of this I just responded funny I was about to ask you the same thing, dad does not deserve this I said and she said no he does not and she was sorry. I also explained how her behaviour lately was getting on my nerves and how it was bugging me.

You were never that affectionate you started giving me a kiss on cheek more hugging part of me wondered if you were taking drugs. So yeah that was weird for me I said hell even my friends thought you were acting strangely and I got questions at school from people wondering what has happened to you.

I am letting them figure this out now I am doing okay with this and if a divorce happens there is not gonna be a custody issue since I turn 18 in december. So for me things will not change that much, dad and I decided to go see a movie later in the evening ,we saw suicide squad had already seen it but it was fun seeing it with him.

Me and dad use to go movies a lot he is a movie buff, and we had not been because of covid so it was fun seeing a movie with him again. All in all my dad is gonna be okay so am I, dad made it clear to me do not be mean to mom and treat her with respect she is still your mom and she loves you. Yeah I said I will and that was that.

And that was that!

What do you think about this amateur detective's behavior regarding his mom's affair? Whatever your thoughts, he might have a future as a P.I.

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