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Thanksgiving host requiring $500 'politics' deposit; disinvites family not paying. AITA?

Thanksgiving host requiring $500 'politics' deposit; disinvites family not paying. AITA?


'I’m going to be vague because I don’t want to turn this into a political debate because it’s not one.' - Sea-Avocado4817

I’m hosting TG this year and everyone is excited. My house is in a warm location near beaches so everyone in the family is excited to get out of the cold and dig their toes into sand. My family is large and as expected, we all fall under different parts of the political spectrum.

We might not agree with each other on some issuesm but we treat each other with respect and love. That is, except for my sister Kari and her husband Bob.

They strongly believe in their politics and view anyone who doesn’t agree with them as being wrong and need to be taught to be correct. Even family members who are in the same political party are wrong if they’re not in 100% agreement on every issue.

Every get together turns into a heated debate with them on one side against everyone else, even with the people who vote as they do. Frankly, it’s exhausting and life draining just to be in the same room with them.

To head off any political debate this year, I included in the invitation email a ban on political discussions and a request for a monetary deposit of $500 (I picked this amount because everyone can afford it but I wanted it to be a painful loss if they lose it). I stated that this money will be returned at the end of the night if politics are not discussed.

Whoever brings up politics will lose their deposit. Everyone agreed and sent me the money except for Kari and Bob. They replied that this was stupid and they don’t have to pay a deposit to come to a family gathering. I answered since it’s my house, it’s my rules. We went back and forth until I got tired of it and uninvited them.

I’m here because they have children who will be affected by my decision and my parents are trying to talk me out of it. They want to see all of their grandchildren and they think it’s cruel to prevent Kari’s from coming. They even offered to cover Kari’s deposit but I firmly told them no.

AITA for requiring a deposit to come to TG?

Here's what people are saying in the comments:

Kris82868 writes:

So who gets to keep the money if someone does go there talking about politics?? Not sure what TG means. Would that answer my question?

Sea-Avocado4817 OP responds:

Thanksgiving. The money would have been divided among everyone else who paid their deposit and followed the rule.

tsumtsumfaithie writes:

NTA. You're allowed to have boundaries. No one else thought it was a problem until they made a fuss. I have relatives like that - I'm laughing while I imagine how that would go over at my place. 😂

soonernotlater1015 writes:

The only thing I don’t like about this is that I didn’t think of it first…. This would make all my holidays so much more tolerable without alcohol.

Gothmom85 writes:

Nta. 10000% of why my in laws don't have us as guests. They can't be polite and stick to kind conversation. My mom doesn't agree with my politics. She keeps her mouth shut because she was taught what is and isn't polite conversation. She cares more about us and my kid than that.

pixicide writes:

My dad would happily pay the $500 to drink 2 cases of beer and talk over everyone at the table. In, he'd consider it his pass to do so.

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