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College 'dude' wants single mom with toddler kicked out of class.

College 'dude' wants single mom with toddler kicked out of class.


Being in college is tough. But is it as tough as being a single mom?

u/griffskry was annoyed when a fellow classmate brought her toddler to class one time. So he asked Reddit:

AITA (am I the a-hole) for wanting a toddler to be kicked out of my class?

I'm (M22) in college and I have a 3 hour class that goes until 8pm. Another student (F30ish) brought her 4 year old son to class. She brought a massive bag of toys for her son and he plays with them all class, making explosion and shooting noises at full volume.

He also brought really crunchy snacks and eats them with his mouth completely wide open. This makes it impossible to concentrate. The mother never tells her kid to be quiet or anything.

I do feel bad for her because she seems like an extremely busy single mom, and child care is expensive in America. But at the same time, so is college. I am paying thousands of dollars to attend this class, and the kid makes it impossible for me to concentrate.

I have ADHD and already require accommodations. I don't think a toddler should be allowed in a college class, and I'm planning on asking the professor to do something. So AITA (am I the a-hole) for that? Class has only met once so far, maybe childcare fell through for the first meeting. Sh*t happens.

Is OP overreacting or should mommy get the boot?

Reddit users were mixed in their responses:

BennyLola writes:

NTA (not the a-hole) - you don't get to have kids then thrust them on everyone else. The kid stays at home no excuses. The mom misses class not you.

Flashy_Adeptness8597 says:

NTA - Having unprotected sex one time does not give you special privileges. People pay an outrageous amount of money to be in these classes and have a right to an environment free of unreasonable distraction. The mother's situation is sad but it does not need to be everyone else's problem.

apartment-flood took the other side:

YTA (you're the a-hole) - a young man taking issue with a single mom trying to better herself and make a better life for her child? shocker. Be an adult and ask the professor or her if anything can be done about the noise, and try having a little compassion.

I didn't realize accommodating single parents was frowned upon, while accommodating ADHD is the only thing that matters!

emh1389 shared OP's condition but writes:

You need to be able to cope. College won’t insulate you from outside life until you think it’s appropriate. The kid was most likely allowed to be there because of extenuating circumstances. Like you, the mom paid thousands to be there and she needed an accommodation.

I have ADHD and I’m not medicated. I went through university unmedicated. Distraction is our reality no matter the accommodations. We take breaks and then refocus. That’s our lot in life.

And I argue that forcing the mom to miss class is not viable if the information is that important to be there in person. Notes arent always going to capture everything.

bloodfeier writes:

YTA because of the last line, “Only happened once so far…”

Yeah, the childcare fell through once. Deal with it. It didn’t escalate to the level of making this post, or going to the professor, at this point.

So there you have it!

We all understrand that disruptions can be annoying but does OP have the right to kick the mom out of class? Reddit didn't seem to have a consensus.

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