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Woman asks if she's wrong to uninvite SIL from wedding for divulging secret to fiancé.

Woman asks if she's wrong to uninvite SIL from wedding for divulging secret to fiancé.


I decided to keep my pregnancy to myself because I don’t know what I’m going to do about it, and I knew my fiancé wasn’t going to be happy with the news.

My future sister-in-law/best friend is the only other person who knew as I only took the test at her suggestion and at her house. She also agreed that her brother was unlikely to be happy about it but she felt like I should tell him immediately anyway.

We kept arguing over it because I told her I needed time to process it and she felt like I was making excuses to avoid telling him. In the end, she told him herself while we were having dinner with their family. He was so upset he confronted me in front of everybody so now they all know and everybody is upset with me for keeping it from him.

His sister kept trying to reach out and apologise after it happened but I was ignoring her as her only excuse was that he was her brother so she couldn’t keep it from him and that she gave me 3 weeks to tell him myself.

The last time she called me I was so upset that I answered and yelled at her. In the heat of the moment, I uninvited her from the wedding and told her I would find a new bridesmaid.

I’ve given my fiancé and his family another reason to be upset with me but I’ve refused to let her come to the wedding even as a regular guest despite them asking me to and it being important to them for her to attend.

AITA for uninviting my future sister-in-law from my wedding after she told my fiancé I was pregnant?

From the comments:

MayflowerMovers says:

Enormous a**hole. Your fiance deserves to know, even if you plan to abort. ENORMOUS a**hole.

maleficent8080 OP responded:

I know. I was going to tell him once I'd decided regardless of what my decision was.

Squinky75 says:

Before or after the wedding?

maleficent8080 OP responded:

My wedding is in April so obviously before.

CrystalQueen3000 says:

Info: why would you marry someone when you’re not on the same page about kids?

maleficent8080 OP responded:

We were on the same page before. It's different talking about something in theory and suddenly actually finding out you're pregnant.

happy_doodlemack says:

Quite right - and if you’ve been never in that position no way you can understand. Good luck to you. Hope all works out. NTA

maleficent8080 OP responded:

Thank you.

MadamTruffle says:

I’m not saying what SIL was right but she gave her 3 weeks, that’s a lot of time to keep something like that from your partner. It’s not like it was one day.

LadyF16 says:

YTA. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to tell your fiancé that you’re pregnant, then you shouldn’t be planning a wedding with them. While your SIL crossed a line, I can’t be too angry at her. She clearly cared about your fiancé’s feelings more than you do.

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