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Woman furious MIL won't eat her meatloaf; MIL says she'll 'throw it' rather than eat it.

Woman furious MIL won't eat her meatloaf; MIL says she'll 'throw it' rather than eat it.


My mom is not a picky eater. She will eat almost anything, unless it has ketchup on or in it. Also growing up I was never made to eat anything. it was my body my choice, and she would make me a second meal.

I'm not sure my wife knows about the ketchup thing as she has only cooked for my mom a few times and it just didn't come up. The two of them cannot stand each other, so I have greatly cut back on how often I see my mom, but recently she was invited over to meet our daughter and my wife asked if she wanted to stay for dinner as we were catching up and I don't see her often.

My mom agreed but when she realized we were having meatloaf with ketchup topping, she only took mashed potatoes and zucchini. My wife questioned her and my mom said she doesn't eat meatloaf due to ketchup. My wife said as a guest you just eat it. My mom said she was sorry if someone raised my wife to believe that.

My mom tried to sit down and eat her vegetables but my wife blew up and demanded she take the meatloaf. My mom said if she put any on her plate she would throw it. I told them both firmly to stop, and my wife demanded I defend her. I told her to just leave my mom alone and let her eat what she wants.

My wife began to yell at me that I need to defend our home and family. My mom then said she was done and walked out. I asked her to stay but she just walked out, and my wife did not speak to me for the rest of the night.

The way I see it everyone should be able to turn down food for any reason, and everyone is entitled to some foods they absolutely will not eat.

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kr0mb0pulos_michael says:

NTA. Hate to tell you, but your wife sounds a bit nuts.

Dirt_E_Harry addes:

That explains the animosity. Mom's allergic to nuts. I'll see myself out.

sunfloweries asks:

INFO: did you not know what she was making for dinner? like when you discussed inviting your mom over and the possibility of inviting her to dinner, you didn't discuss what she was making?

Alone_Country8300 OP responded:

I didn’t invite my mom for dinner. My wife mentioned it after my mom had already stopped by. Visits are usually limited to an hour and a half but apparently my mom was “behaving”


I’m actually getting the impression the wife has just had this baby, which perhaps changes everything. How long ago did your wife give birth? If it’s been a long time and there is no ppd then I’d go with N T A, and the wife would be TA

Edit: from N A H to N T A after op answered the info

Alone_Country8300 OP responded:

Five months ago

cv819 says:

ESH your mom could’ve cut the top off and eaten the parts that didn’t have ketchup, your wife should’ve let it go when she said she didn’t like it, YOU should’ve told your wife about this especially when you KNEW what she was making, you KNEW your mother didn’t like ketchup, and you KNEW she was being invited for dinner, why would you just stay silent and let this happen?

Alone_Country8300 OP responded:

I didn’t know she was being invited to dinner. That wasn’t the original plan and my wife invited her on a whim.

AppleThrower5000 says:

Also what kind of lazy schmuck doesn't help at all with the meal being served to his mother, to the point where they serve the ONE food she doesn't eat?

Alone_Country8300 OP responded:

Someone who rarely sees his mom and wasn’t going to spend her visit cooking. Also she originally wasn’t supposed to stay for dinner.

cbwxxx says:

YTA you can not just expect your wife to cook your mom a meal and not check or help her in cooking it. Maybe your wife was a bit in the wrong by her comment but you are defo the AH

Alone_Country8300 OP responded:

I never expected her to cook my mom a meal. She invited her last minute after already cooking it for us.

CrystalQueen3000 says:

NTA. Your wife was clearly raised in a “you eat what’s on your plate and get zero say” environment. She needs to work on that and stop policing a grown ups food choices.

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