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Woman books her own accommodations for Italy trip after parents take too long to respond.

Woman books her own accommodations for Italy trip after parents take too long to respond.


There are few tasks more frustrating than mapping out logistics for a trip with people who can't make up their minds. Eventually, you have to cut your losses and make plans for yourself.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for telling her parents to figure out their own bookings for their upcoming Italy trip. She wrote:

"AITA for telling my parents to figure their own s#$t out and booking my own flight and hotel?"

My (19f) family is going to Italy in the spring. Due to conflicting schedules, I will be leaving 5 days before them and coming home 4 days after they arrive. My sister (15) was supposed to fly out with me and was going to go home with our parents but they take forever to do anything.

I was looking for flights and told my parents I needed an exact date that they plan on leaving so I could book the flights. They said they’ll get back to me. I asked again and they still didn’t know. I told my mom that I was booking my flight and they can do theirs later.

They figured out the dates after but the website I booked my flight on won’t let me get the flight for my sister because she’s not an adult so somebody’s gonna have to call and figure that out. Then I started talking about hotels. I found some that were a decent price so I showed my mom and she said it’s a lot of money so we have to show my dad and have him approve.

The problem with that is that he likes to wait until the last minute to get a hotel. He once booked a hotel when we were in the car driving to that vacation. After waiting a few days I booked my own hotel and told my parents that I got my own place and they can figure their own s@#t out.

Now they’re saying I’m being impatient, controlling, and trying to ruin the trip. AITA for telling them to figure their own s#$t out and taking care of myself?

The internet had a lot to say about this dynamic.

KittyRevolt wrote:

They are adults and they can figure it out. How are you being controlling when you’re telling them that they can take control of their own, responsibilities? That’s stupid.

Intelligent-Bat1724 wrote:

NTA. Your parents are procrastinators They are also controlling. They want things done on their terms I have a prediction. You'll be vacationing in Italy solo. Do try to have fun.

BreastClap wrote:

NTA. Plan your vacation. But don’t be surprised when they ”have” to room with you b/c they can’t book anything. Have a plan in place for that, or you’re going to foot the hotel bill for everyone and end up sleeping on the floor.

sbh56 wrote:

NTA. I think it's fine for you to make your arrangements (especially if you're paying your own way.) Flights get more expensive the longer you wait. You're not controlling, you're just making your decisions for you.

Awkward-Bother1449 wrote:

NTA. My wife and I just booked flights for a vacation in June 2024. We are booked and it is in our calendar. Some people like to fly at the last minute, grab the cheapest airfare / cruise because they really don't care if they go or not. Not my / our style.

OP is NTA here at all, she's just being proactive so vacation can actually happen.

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