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Woman gets in fight with brother over baby name; Redditors uncover pattern. UPDATED

Woman gets in fight with brother over baby name; Redditors uncover pattern. UPDATED


'AITA for telling my SIL that no one in our family is named Stephanie?'

I can't figure out if I did anything wrong, or if so, what, because I honestly have no idea what's going on. Hopefully someone here can give me a clue. Here's the relevant info, as far as I know.

My brother and his wife are expecting their first girl after two boys. I love Ricky and Jace, and so does my SIL, but she has always wanted a girl and is very excited to be having one. She also wants to name the girl Chloe, as she loves that name. My brother hates the name Chloe and really wants to name their daughter Stephanie. They have been arguing about it for a few weeks, since finding out the gender.

I got to my parents house late last night and my SIL was the only person still awake. We talked for a little bit, and she asked me the weirdest question. She asked me if I knew any stories about great aunt Stephanie. I was so confused. I literally said 'who?'

SIL clarified that she was talking about our grandmother's older sister that died when grandma was a little girl. Our grandma had two sisters, but their names were Judy and Lynn. There's no one in our family named Stephanie, as far as I know. I told as much to my SIL. She changed the subject after that, and we soon went to bed.

This morning my brother and his wife were both sulking during breakfast. Even the kids could tell. Ricky kept saying 'stop being grumpy on Christmas.' So it wasn't just my imagination. I got my brother alone and confronted him. He snapped at me for 'meddling' and told me to stay out of his marriage.

My brother is pissed at me, and my SIL won't even talk to me. I'm afraid to say anything to my parents and drag them into this, especially since I still don't know what this is. Either my grandmother had a secret sister that I don't know about but my brother does for some reason, or my brother lied to his wife to convince her to name their baby Stephanie.

Both options seem equally weird to me. Maybe there's a third possibility I'm not seeing? Am I the asshole? If so, please explain to me why. I don't want to be the reason Christmas is ruined.

Q&A with OP where they discover a pattern:

Chandak562 writes:

Your brother is a comics fan, right? Is he by any chance a big Batman fan, because I’m seeing a kind of pattern with these names.

JustBeingHonest4 OP responded:

Yeah, big time. How did you know?

FKAlag writes:

Let's just say if this baby had been a boy he would have suggested Tim.

JustBeingHonest4 OP responded:

That was the name he wanted if they were having a boy! How did you know that?!

FKAlag writes:

These are all the names of former Robins. As in BATMAN & ... Richard Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne.

EDIT: In all fairness, it was u/Chandak562 who figured the Robin connection out.

JustBeingHonest4 OP responded:

I am going to confirm this on Wikipedia, but if you're right, and I can't imagine why you would make that up, my brother is about to be in so much trouble.

JustBeingHonest4 OP confronts brother and SIL:

Basically, she was really surprised and angry. My brother said he thought it was cute and funny and would have told her once they were done having kids. Mom went off on him and called him a permanent adolescent that she failed to raise to adulthood.

This really hurt my brother's feelings, and my dad stepped in and said no fighting during Christmas, for the kids. So everyone agreed to table the discussion until after festivities, but my mom said my brother and SIL are naming the baby what SIL wants, because after brother's stunt he lost the right to have a say. He reluctantly agreed.

Turning in now. Hopefully there's no (or at least less) tension tomorrow.

Update from OP:

Most awkward Christmas Eve dinner ever. Gotta keep this short; lots going on. Everyone now knows what my brother was doing with the kids names (except the kids obviously). They are pissed. Weirdly my mom is the most pissed. A Christmas truce is in place for the kids, so no fighting on the holiday.

However the baby is definitely going to be named Chloe. My brother very quickly backed down when my mom said some few choice words to him. The topic is completely banned for the rest of festivities, so, for now at least, they've tied a bow on the situation.

Christmas morning update from OP: Aside from some glaring over a couple of the boy's stocking stuffers (Robin Funko pops) everything went well with the gift opening (as well as being woken up at 5:30 AM by being jumped on by one's nephews can). I think my brother realizes he crossed a line and has been very attentive to his wife.

He mentioned getting Chloe's name embroidered on some stuff when they get home. He even told mom he would do the Christmas breakfast so she could have a break and he gave me an 'I'm sorry' grin when I opened his gift. I think everything is going to be fine.

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