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Woman is paid less than brothers in family business; leaves to work for competition.

Woman is paid less than brothers in family business; leaves to work for competition.


'AITA for quitting my dad's company and going to work for his competition?'

My dad is all about family. Both of my brothers work for him and earn a very good living. When I was old enough I started working for him too. Slight difference though. He decided that since I am a woman I would probably end up getting married and not working there long term. So he didn't pay me the same as my brothers when they started.

I worked there all through high school and while I was in college. I am in my last year and I want to join the company when I graduate. I spoke with my father about bringing my earnings in line with what he paid my brothers. He said no because he just finished paying for my college. He paid theirs too. And I got a partial scholarship.

I've had enough. I have six years of experience and I will have my degree in June. So I started looking for work elsewhere. I found a paid internship with a company that competes with him. He is a big fish locally but my employer is a national company.

Now he is pissed at me for taking everything I learned from him and taking it to the competition. I never worked with clients so it's not like I am going to poach any. I am doing what all my friends are doing. Getting a job in our field that pays well.

My dad is angry and my mom says that he is hurt that I betrayed him. I think I gave him a chance to be fair and he turned me down so I have no reason to feel guilty.


superflex says:

NTA. 'If my loyalty to this family and this company were that important to you, then I would have expected that loyalty to be reciprocated the same way it is with my brothers. Clearly some family members are more valued here than I am, and since I can't seem to get an equal opportunity here, I'll look for opportunities elsewhere.'

Sorcia_Lawson says:

NTA. The wage thing is illegal. She could have done so much worse. She could report it. Sue., etc. Quitting, going somewhere else to get paid more after he refused to give fair compensation, and she's not poaching clients or anything else petty.

Straight-Singer-2912 says:

NTA. Your father is a complete AH, treating his daughter different from his sons due to his own bias. You have to work to earn money, so if you're getting up in the morning to do so, you need to maximize what you earn.

You asked your father for the same pay as your brothers. He refused. You found a solution.

SexualDepression says:

Your dad engaged in illegal, discriminatory hiring practices by paying you less based on your sex and family status. Your dad is a misogynist who deserves to be hurt by the consequences of his own sexism.

He doesn't deserve his business; do you think you're the first woman he's done this to? Do you think you will be the last? NTA.

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