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Woman kicks out brother and his wife for hiding her piano to have 'peace and quiet.'

Woman kicks out brother and his wife for hiding her piano to have 'peace and quiet.'


AITA for giving my brother and his wife 2 days to return my piano?

I f32 developed an interest for piano after meeting my late husband who was a piano teacher for 7 years. He taught me to play it and he helped me buy one (used one but still a bit expensive) 2 years ago.

I play it everyday, after his passing (6 months ago) I just find comfort spending time playing. However, my brother and his wife (who came to stay with me for 2 months after loosing their apartment) always complain about the piano noise although, I only play at daytime.

SIL and I started arguing more frequently and my brother told me to only play it when they're out but I refused.

Yesterday, I was out with friends for the day then I came in the evening, I found that my piano was gone. Turns out my brother had moved it to a friend's garage (I don't know which friend) while I was gone.

I blew up at him and yelled that he had no right to touch it or move it. His wife said they did this as a last ditch effort to get some 'peace and quiet' in the house. My brother reassured me that he'll give it back once he finds his own place and I get to live alone and play the piano all day long.

He was sarcastic in his last line and couldn't take it. I told them to pack and leave my house because they were no longer welcome after this. He freaked out and tried begging me to take it easy and be more rational, but I threatened to call the police if they refused to leave.

He took his family and left, The piano still isn't back and they're saying they'd give it back if I agree to let them move back in (basically wanting things to go back to how they were when they were complaining about the noise).

They believe that what happened was a misunderstanding and everyone of us mishandled the situation so they want to start new. I lost it and told them they have 2 days to return it or I'll call the cops on them.

Mom is pressuring me to take them back saying it was my fault for not have any consideration for them as my guests to begin with, but I refused to take them back and put my foot down on the time-line I gave.

Now I'm being called irrational and cruel to kick my brother out, watch him struggle and refuse to let him move back in and choosing to escalate this to the authorities when I could just let them move back in and I get my piano back.

From the comments:

LastDreamerM says:

You're still grieving and your AH brother (and mom??) pulls this stunt on you what the f*ck?! He's gonna put the piano on craigslist for some quick cash after he had to move out... wake up!!

Ok_East4125 says:

Tell your mother she can have them move in with her.

Paiger__ says:

NTA, it’s your place and your piano. They stole your piano and are holding it ransom to get their way - so not only stealing your property but trying to use extortion (blackmail: “If you let us back, we will eventually let you know where it is.”), as wel

BloodyMalleus says:

NTA. They are not your guests. A guest is someone you invite into your home for a short amount of time. You do have some limited responsibility for the comforts of your guest. For example, if you were to invite your mom over, you should offer her food and drink.

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