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Woman kicks out fiancé's pregnant teen daughter after she throws cat outside. UPDATED

Woman kicks out fiancé's pregnant teen daughter after she throws cat outside. UPDATED


It's one thing to get along with your partner, but it's an entirely different ballgame to get along with their kids, especially grown ones.

Sadly, things don't always magically fall into place like a perfect family portrait. There can be personality clashes, long-standing family drama, and the straight-up awkwardness of being pitted against your partner's grown child.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for kicking out her fiance's pregnant teen daughter after she tried to get rid of OP's cat.

She wrote:

AITA for kicking out my pregnant teenage step daughter over my cat?

So I (35f) have been with my (45m) fiancé for 3 years now. He has two kids, a daughter (22) who’s a lovely girl, and another daughter (19) who I’ll call Kim for the sake of the post. Kim has always had a bad attitude to everyone, especially me. Now before anyone assumes, my fiancé was already divorced his ex 2 years before we even met.

His ex is a nice person who I get along with very well so there’s no hate from her end either. Kim is 3 months pregnant and living with us because we have more room for her and the baby, the baby daddy stays sometimes but he has two jobs along with studies so it’s mainly been me who’s taken care of her.

So the main issue: today her boyfriend came over, so my fiancé suggested we let them have the house to themselves and go for a walk. About two hours later, I came home and noticed my cat missing who Kim hated and wanted me to get rid of. I asked her where he was, Kim said she ran out the door which I knew was bulls#$t. Whiskey is an elderly cat who even wouldn’t go out on the porch if I didn’t bring him.

So I checked the ring camera and as expected, Kim threw Whiskey out and ran her off. My fiancé tried saying Kim is pregnant so her hormones are all over the place and pregnancy brain messes with women. He also said he was gonna bring up getting rid of Whiskey for the baby's sake anyway. I was in tears till I looked over at Kim with a smug satisfied look on her face I f@#$ing lost it.

I got up in her face and scream that she had one hour to find my cat or all her s#$t would be in the dumpster and I was done being her sl@ve. She said she wasn’t looking for my stupid cat and told me to 'back off' as she was pregnant. My fiancé told me to calm down and we’d look for the cat.

I told him no, I would look for my cat and when I got back his daughter better be gone. I said if he has issues he could go too ,because I was sick of dealing with his little b@&^h of daughter who everyone including her own parents and boyfriend avoids.

I didn’t wait for them to respond I did hear her crying tho, as you know, I found my cat he was hiding in some bushes it took 20 long minutes to find him. When I got home they were both in the living room, my fiancé said he wanted to talk but first I owed Kim an apology. I told him f@#k himself and she better start packing. She’s at her boyfriend's family home as far as I know and my fiancé is not talking to me.

People had a lot to say about this wild situation.

BetweenWeebandOtaku wrote:

NTA. As a cat owner, I salute you. I mean, yeah, you might lose the relationship over this, but from the sounds of it, if this doesn't do it, something else likely will.

Bubbly_Chicken_9358 wrote:

NTA. Pregnancy hormones do not cause you to be cruel to an elderly pet. That's just vicious entitlement and garden-variety meanness. You don't owe her an apology. She should be begging for your forgiveness, and so should your fiancé.

MoondoggieSB wrote:

NTA. F@#k your fiancé, if he thinks you owe evil pregnant teenager an apology, you need to rethink your engagement.

Rohini_rambles wrote:

First, thank goodness you found him!

Also, your- (ex?) fiance wanted to tell you to dump your senior cat for his daughter? Sounds like he is ITCHING to get his own house and take care of her for the next -7 months! NTA.

Sekhmetdottir wrote:

NTA if someone did that to my elderly cat I would not be responsible for my actions. And this person is going to be responsible for a child in a few months?

After receiving lots of comments from invested Redditors, OP jumped back on with a major update.

So my now ex-fiancés oldest daughter reached out to me to ask my side I’ll call her Kate, she’s an animal lover like myself. Her father asked to stay with her for a few nights because he said I was having a breakdown over my cat.

Kate is a very smart girl she can see bull$!@t from a mile away and obviously, she knows her own sister so she called Kim to ask her side. Kim was more honest basically her and her dad planned it as some of you suggested, the plan was for her baby daddy to take the cat out to a road dump but he wouldn’t do it because in Kim’s words he was a “p#$$y.”

So, they got in a fight about it and Kim thankfully being lazy just kicked Whiskey out and ran him out of the yard. Kate told me the way Kim’s talking about me and Whiskey, even if she doesn’t move back, she'd do something for revenge on Whiskey.

So I’ve decided to listen to Kate, my friends, the vet, his assistant, and everyone here, and I called off the wedding which is in few weeks and broke up with my ex-fiancé by text. I don’t give an F if it’s immature or cruel, I’ve told him I’ll box up his stuff for him and leave it for him to collect in a few days.

Don’t worry about Whiskey, I told my ex to call me when he’s coming over so he’ll be locked in a room safe and I’m calling a 24-hour locksmith next. The begging and BS promises have already started but my mind's made up I’m done being his ATM slave for him and his spoiled bI#$h of a daughter (Kim). Whiskey is fine btw, just a little shaken but he’s curled up in my lap refusing to move.

It sounds like OP dodged a major bullet by ending this engagement.

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